YU5050:The High-end Smartphone by YU


YU 5050

YU Televentures is all set to reveal their new upcoming high-end smartphone which is expected to be around Rs.20,000. It will be the most expensive phone by YU and expected to have a lot of fire power as the company has been giving high-end features in less price. So, now that the price is high, the phone is supposed to have a lot of features.

YU 5050’s Performance

YU 5050 is supposed to have a 1.5Ghz octa-core Snapdragon 810 (MSM8994) processor and graphics processor Adreno 430. It will have a 64-bit architecture.

YU5050 Antutu

YU 5050’s Storage

YU5050 is rumoured to have 4GB of RAM but we are not sure about that, but it will definately have atleast 3GB of RAM.

The internal storage is going to be 32GB with an option to expand with a microSD card slot.

YU5050’s Platform

It will run on Android 5.1.1 but as we know YU’s previous models were Cyanogen mod like Yureka, Yuphoria and Yureka Plus, we can expect YU5050 to be Cyanogen as well. But the last low budget Yunique did not come with cyanogen mod and has less bugs than the previous versions, so we can expect anything at the moment.

YU5050’s Camera

YU camera’s in Yureka and Yuphoria has been well received by the customers. Both front and end cameras have good pixels and great colour quality. Yuphoria’s camera was better than RedMi2 when we compared them.

YU5050 will come with 21 mega-pixel rear-end camera and the front camera would be 8 mega-pixels. This will be the highest configuration given by YU.


YU5050’s Price

As this will be the high-end phone of the company, It is priced around Rs.20,000. Previous phones were below Rs.9,000.

YU5050 Rahul Sharma

As the CEO of Micromax posted on Twitter that Yunique was just a Minion and now they are all set to release the Beast. Though YU phones have been well received by the customers till now, many of the phones have started to malfunction by showing heating problems, UI bugs and camera issues. Without a proper offline customer care, customers are a little agitated. Heating issue seems to be constant in all the phones(even the power bank Jyuice) and now the high-end YU5050 may have the same. Some people consider this a minor setback as the features seem unreal at the price. YU5050 will be the fourth phone by YU this year and will probably be released next month or so.

YU5050 will have 3G/4G LTE as all devices have had the technology till now and a battery with 3000mAh cell with QuickCharge 2.0.

Its name has not yet been revealed, its not a brainer that it will start with the brand name ‘YU’. But as the rumours go, it may be called ‘YUtopia’.


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