YU Yutopia Launch Delayed till 17 December : Here Is The Reason Why ?


YU Yutopia Launch Delayed till 17 December : Here Is The Reason Why?

Yu Yutopia was supposed to get launched on December 7th 2015  but now the launch has been delayed to 17th December , 2015 as posted by Rahul Sharma on twitter.

As per his statement “Hold your excitement, as we plan to announce something special with YUTOPIA. The most powerful phone now launches on 17th Dec” it seems that they would launch something exciting along with this . But the reason for this delay seems to be something else. A hearing went against Micromax and Yu Televenture for payment of royalties to Ericsson.


Delhi High Court had ordered Micromax to pay 1 percent of the selling price of its devices to Ericsson as it was using the patented technology to manufacture those phones. The hearing was then further scheduled to December 15th where the presence of promoter is needed. YU Televentures which is a subsidiary of Micromax is liable to pay Ericsson some royalties as Micromax.

Micromax last year went to court against the sale of OnePlus One where they had full rights of Cyanogen based phones which was also ruled against them as both the smart phone manufactures were targeting different market segment and had no competition.

Yu Yutopia Launch Delayed
Yu Yutopia Launch Delayed

YU Smartphone have somewhat made Micromax an even more popular brand than it was earlier. With Cyanogen OS and amazing features on board, YU plans to take on some flagship killers like OnePlus 2 and Apple iPhone 6S with its new Yutopia model.

Since Yu Televentures has been promoting this for about a month now , we will only get to know how amazing the smartphone is once it officially launches. The best part would be OnePlus’ and Apple’s comment once the smartphone will launch. We will provide you with the latest details on the YU Yutopia once it gets launched officially. Stay tuned for more information on IPOS7.com





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