Windows 10 Creators Update: Everything You Need to Know 2017


Windows 10 Creators Update: Everything You Need to Know 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 is going to get a major update on 11th April 2017, named as Windows 10 Creators Update and that too for free. To many users who use windows 10 for reading and writing or their day to day purposes, the update might not feel much different in looks and feature.

Well, here I will be explaining to you what all you will get and few main features that make Windows 10 Creators Update Awesome.

  • Cortana: Your future Girl Friend Hopefully

The first thing that you should know is: Windows 10 Creator Update has modified the windows installation to a whole new level. You can talk to Cortana while installing the latest windows update and let her take care of the installation. There, still might be few areas where you need to use your keyboard and mouse like for Wifi password, account password and some places where you need to click next. In the rest of the places, you can ask Cortana to proceed with the installation.

Cortana in Windows 10 Creators Update
Cortana in Windows 10 Creators Update

Even though this sounds and looks interesting some people might not like it because that is humans nature (not everybody likes everything).For those people, you can just click on the mute button and continue your installation as you would normally do.

Next big addition to Cortana was to make her perform system level task, which the AI was not able to do like locking the system etc.  This time Microsoft gave Cortana enough power to make her perform these tasks without any help.


  • Start Menu: Yes it is still there!!

The start menu has been modified a little bit, which you might choose to neglect but it is worth looking at. The look and feel are just the same unless you change it manually. Now you can make a folder in tiles just like in windows mobile devices. Drag one time over another and there is you go a folder is ready for you.

Start Menu on Windows 10 Creators Update
Start Menu on Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Microsoft Edge: Faster than Chrome ( Hopefully)

Microsoft Edge has a lot of new features and I guess Microsoft has worked really hard on this and needs appreciation for what it has done. One of the features that you might use frequently would be set tabs side: here you can open a number tabs with important stuff and then feel like you want to do something else other than you important stuff. Generally, in this case, you might bookmark each tab and then open a new tab separately or keep the important tabs there along with the tab which is not important and let the important tabs keep bugging you. Edge gives you a solution for it, you can use the set tab side feature for the important work and bookmark them at once. This might now be clear to you but this is a good feature especially for students. There are other few amazing features that you can check out for yourself like the share feature and the bookstore which is the latest addition to the store.

Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Settings: A lot has changed

If you go through the setting page you will find it more categorized and easy to access. The Bluetooth portlet has been changed and the personalization tab has also been modified. Now you can get themes for your desktop just like an android phone.

  • Game Mode: Beast Mode

Microsoft has introduced a new feature, called the Game mode. As believed it will enhance your gaming experience on the windows PC. When you enable it, the processor will concentrate on delivering a better gaming performance.

  • Paint 3D: Paint with the ability to draw 3D images

As being said, the main reason this update is called creators update is because of the Paint 3D.Don’t worry the old paint application is still there.

In this, you can create a 3D object, use defined 3D object and can save or publish them. This will benefit those who needed a new look and feel to paint app



  • Windows Defender: Revamped

Windows defender has now been revamped and as suggested is now equally powerful to the leading antivirus software. It gives you a lot of features including factory reset of your system. Rest of the features you can test when you update your PC on or after April 11th 2017.


As was said, these features in Windows 10 are amazing but those who use it for general purposes might not find it so fancy. You can comment down below and tell us what you feel about the latest windows update.



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