Hello lovely tech savy people ! New year is here and so are we to tell you all the hot news of the tech world. If you were gloomy for the fact that 2014 , a great technological year is here to an end so worry not! 2015 is here with a lot more surprises and all that you wish as an amazing smartphone.


Sony has always been one of the leading companies as far as its smart phones are concerned. In this, its Xperia series is a well known one. Sony Xperia launches its two smart phones every year and this year its two new smart phones are in the list of release. Year 2014 witnessed the launch of Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 and this year , 2015 will be witnessing the launch of Sony xperia Z4 and Z5 which will indeed be a pleasant surprise for tech geeks. But Sony is yet to come out with any official statement, though our tech experts like always, have been able to get an idea of what we might expect from Sony Xperia Z5.

Walking in the same row , let’s open our discussion of features of Xperia Z5.




  1. DISPLAY – According to the tech experts , you will be getting a display of 5 inches with 4K resolution. Isn’t it a good enough screen size for a smart phone!!
  2. RAM – Oh yes ! if we believe the tech experts, it is going to be the biggest good news for the Sony fans. Xperia Z5 is going to come out with 4GB of RAM which will probably be the largest RAM among all its smartphone series.
  3. PROCESSOR – Sony xperia is likely to run on an octa core 3GHz processor which is a fast processing speed.
  4. STORAGE – We know storage has always been a major issue of your smartphones. You always had to restrict yourself whenever it came to data storage, even while clicking and keeping unlimited picture memories in your phone. Here is its solution guys ! Now enjoy an on- board memory of 128GB .
  5. CAMERA – Good news you all photography cum tech geeks ! Now capture what you always wanted to but couldn’t because of poor camera . Xperia might offer you a 27MP rotator camera. So now enjoy all smartphone features long with an awesome camera.
  6. SHIELD – Now get assured if you always used to be worried for the safety of your phone as your phone is going to have waterproof, dust proof and shock proof technologies.
  7. BATTERY CHARGING – This feature will catch the eyes of those who stick to their phone whole day long . Good news guys ! now you have battery which has a capacity of charging itself at a much faster pace.


So people where is your excitement level ?? Must be at its height no!!! But but but hold on..we are left to discuss the expected releasing date of this new smartphone.




As per the tech experts and prior launching experiences , Sony Xperia Z5 is expected to be launched in September 2015 with chances of getting launched a liitle earlier in August too.

We know it might be sounding to harsh of a time but sadly we even can’t do anything in that except waiting with you people.

So let’s have patience till it finally comes out. Till then stay connected for more updates .

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