Smartphones To Look For Out This New Year 2015


Smartphones To Look For Out  This New Year  2015

2015 is expected to one of the amazing year of the smartphone industry , with competitive innovation and giants fighting for the 1st position. Many Smartphone makers are lined up to launch their flagship smartphone successor and other are lined up to launch a product to fight with those flagship smartphone , some even have flagship killer , remember “OnePlus”.

Few Smartphone that you can look out for in 2015:

Samsung Galaxy S6 :

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 , Samsung started working on a new project code named  “Project Zero” , which is apparently the successor of Samsung Galaxy S5. It is believed that Samsung Galaxy S6  has been code named as Project Zero . Even though there is no confirmation as such but ,if it is to be believed , Samsung Galaxy S6 may get launched by February-March 2015 . The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6 have been around since 2013 and finally you might be able to see that in a few months .It is expected to have a new design and better specification .

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

To know more check Samsung Galaxy S6



Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and rumors for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have already started .  We think a lot more depends on the success of the project zero . Since everything would be started from the scratch in project zero , it is expected the same for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As of rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might not have much of specification up gradation but some additional features might be added . There are also chances that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 might be the next Samsung Galaxy Note  series  instead of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Nothing can be said at present .

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

To know more check Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2:

This year Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note Edge , along with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That might be an indication to that Samsung might be thinking of more innovative products and design . Since we were expecting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have a metallic body , there are chances that Note Edge 2 may have it  in 2015. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is costlier than Apple iPhone 6 in Indian Market. If Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 is launched in 2015 , you can’t expect it to be cheap.


To know more Check Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.


Apple iPhone 7 / Apple iPhone 6S:

We actually have no idea whether Apple would Apple iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. Which ever smartphone that will be launched wont have much of a specification difference. The only changes that we think might be present would be Apple chipset , Screen size (expected)  and RAM. Cost of this smartphone is expected to raise. So if you will be buying it get ready to burn you pocket .

It is also rumored that Apple would be launching iPhone mini, which would be comparatively cheaper . So if that suits into your budget , you may go for it. We remember what Apple did with a cheaper iPhone 5C.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7


To know more about Apple iPhone 6S /iPhone 7.

OnePlus Two :

Since OnePlus One changed the why people looked at Chinese smartphone , OnePlus two would be even better. I personally own OnePlus One , and to be honest ,it is an amazing smartphone . OnePlus Two might get over the sort coming of OnePlus One . It may have a memory slot and would have a better camera . Design might remain the same or there are chances that it changes to .  There would be a slight modification in the specification of the smartphone .

OnePlus One
OnePlus One

We will soon write about this smartphone.


There are more smartphones which will be launching like HTC ONE M9 , LG G4 etc .



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