SEO till date: &


SEO till date: &

It has been a long time since I had updated about my SEO strategies that I had implemented on both and I had even received few questions regarding why I merged both IPOS7 and EduTechs together into I will be answering  about what led to me to do it along with what had been done to improve the stats and all other required information that led to the success to ( Well sort of success still there is a long way to go).

My main aim was to work with as the name made some sense and it has a good DA/PA associated with it, but what I was lacking was audience from the other countries esp. US and UK.  On the other hand, some contents of were SEO optimized and it was performing well in Google. So I thought rather than working separately for each site it would have been better to merge it though it was a risk and I had no idea if it would work or not but somehow I managed to take that risk of merging these two websites together. It actually required tremendous hours of efforts and it somehow made me feel competent to face some technical challenges which was required to boost spirit. If you want to know how that was done, please write me at or {I will soon be posting a detailed article about it sometime in future}.

In the earlier post regarding SEO I have already informed you guys that SEO takes some time to show results and results can never been seen instantaneously. While implementing SEO, you need to be calm and have patience, which is actually the most important part. During this period, I also hired some intern to learn SEO and implement it, but the thing that those guys missed was patience. Even though they were trying to build links they had no specific plan of how to bring the article at the top and even I was questioned as my site [During April –August] was not doing well. At that point, I decided to take a break and bring in some big changes in the website layout and content structure. At the earlier stages, the changes were brought on to check how the theme was actually looking on it. After that in August Mid-week, I decided to merge and together and keeping as a primary domain.

Few questions were raised when I kept as primary domain and the answer was quite simple “Name does not matter” and I actually wanted to stick to it. After merging these websites the traffic had drastically fallen down for about a week but after indexing each page in Google for about a week the traffic started rising. I removed all the duplicate content, duplicate tags, duplicate keywords and made sure the content structure remained similar. I followed this for about a week without adding any other content on my website and then I started seeing traffic improvement.

The traffic improvement was so drastic that I was surprised to see it myself. Unfortunately, maintaining it was a tough task then. Somehow I am still trying to maintain the traffic and it is above 3K as of now and the revenue is pretty decent.As I was writing about SEO after a long time so I decided to provide a synopsis of and

I would writing many more articles about SEO in the coming weeks and Yes, as per the screen shots below MY SEO worked.

Please check the screenshots below: Traffic : 1st April – 19th August 2015 April -19th August
Edutechs traffic : 1st April – 19th August 2015 Traffic : 1st April – 19th August 2015

Ipos7- 1st April- 19th August : 1st April – 19th August 2015 Traffic : 20th August – 10th December 2015 : Nailed IT!

Ipos7- 20th August -10th December
Ipos7- 20th August -10th December


Please feel free to try out  my tips and in case of any query please write us at or or in the comments section below.






  1. hi, admin i love to read this informative article here. One question from me : how you able to manage a under 10% bounce rate over this large traffic. please share your kickass strategy regardiing bounce rate.


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