SEO DAY One : Let’s See What SEO is All About !

Hi Friends/Readers,

I have read  a lot of stories of people earning millions of dollars through their website by implementing the perfect SEO strategy. Honestly speaking I have not been able to do that . Even though me and my team have sold sites of about $10,000  above , we have never been able to earn that much in a single website . This is something that I will be targeting for Edutechs this time.


Since is an Indian Domain , the geographical region will especially focus on India itself.  It’s been more than a year to but the success is not as was expected .  From today onwards I thought of implementing the “Perfect SEO tactics “ , but I later realized that I should share this with all of you so that you will know what it will take to be successful blogger.

These blogging tips, that I will be doing from today onwards will not only be important for those who start new websites but also for those , who have started and lost hope that they will not be able to earn good enough out of it .

Before I start with DAY 1 tactics , I would like you to know  what SEO is in general terms?

“SEO in simple words is search engine optimization.  It’s a method to make your site optimized so that your site has a wider reach in terms of audience.  “

You might search for SEO tactics , tricks and techniques in Google and find a lot of results , stating you to do stuff correctly .  But no one has ever shared it from DAY 1 when they started implementing it. They will only tell you what all things made them successful but they will never share the pain that they might have gone through.

SEO is a tough task indeed , but if implemented correctly can give you long term benefits . There would a question in your head that , how come since Edutechs is not that successful when I have the knowledge of SEO . Well having the knowledge only will not help you out . You need to implement and see. And this is where my definition of SEO comes to place.

“SEO is search engine optimization and there is no definition for it: It’s all what you do for your website “

So let’s start with SEO DAY 1:  Analysis of Website –

I’ll be explaining in detail about my website , you can do the same for your . I would request you to go for top level domain (TLD ) like .com , .net ,.co etc. if you are starting a new website , and if your website is already established(made) then you can follow the following steps that I will be following .


STEP 1: Domain analysis

The main thing that we have to focus on is  the domain and page authority . Both domain and page authority are the factors that describe how well you domain /page will perform  in the search engine. It is scored out of hundred and the more is the number the better your ranking will be .

At present has a Domain Authority of 25 and Page Authority of 33.

You can check your domain and page authority from here .

If you are newbie , your score will be 0 in both domain and page authority  and this is one of the most important things that you have to focus upon in the future .

If you are thinking what kind of domain you should buy , well the answer is quite simple it should define your work .And incase you bought a domain which does not make any sense at all , don’t loose hope , be Confident . Even  does not makes sense but it is ranking well in the Google.


STEP 2: Website Design

The simple the website design is the better it will be . I am using HUEMAN as a theme for my website  which is giving me an option of 2 side bars and main content in between plus it can be customized as per requirement . Many people have questions that should they design a website themselves in php , jsp , ruby or user wordpress  or blogger . What my advise would be that you can use any thing you want to . You just need to keep the website design simple . I am using wordpress as it as some useful plugins . When you create your own website you would have to put in a lot of time for creating custom plugins . It totally depends on you how want the design to be . JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE


STEP 3: Content Planning and Analysis

I hope you might be aware of Google analytics , if not it is a tool which gives you the insights of traffic of your website.To know more go to this link  Google analytics .  If  you have started a new website , do integrate the code of Google analytics in your webpage so that you can see the increase or decrease in the traffic of your website .

Since , some of those who are reading might already have established website, let me tell you one thing forget the past and look for the future. If you have done certain mistakes forget them , just try and concentrate on what you need. If you have a micro niche website site just focus on that only rather that posting some other stuff.

The bigger question arises when we try and work upon multi niche website. Since Edutechs is only based on upcoming smartphone , I have to only try and focus on  smartphones. There is a lot of competition in the internet business at present and the efforts that we have to put in will have to be even better.

So decide what topic you want to focus on a day before writing them.

So as far as the Day 1 is concerned, there are only 3 things we have focus on ,

  • Domain Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Content Planning and Analysis

I are very well satisfied with what my domain is , website design is good but not the best and I have decided to write content on or related to  smartphones only .


At present stats for are as follows:

Alexa Rank: 232,048

Traffic : 121 visitors

Adsense: $0.30

Alexa Rank
Alexa Rank
Analytics View
Analytics View

Now that I know the present stat of my website , my main aim would be to increase the traffic by 80 visitors and reach 200 plus by  7th April 2015 .

My Aim :

Alexa Rank : 232,048 or less

Traffic 200+

Adsense : $0.30 +


Well SEO is time consuming process , you have to think twice before you start doing it . It would take time to reach even a $5 mark in adsense in 1 day but we will eventually reach it .  Say tuned , follow my day to day SEO tactics , there might be chances that someday I might go worng but I am ready to take inputs from your side to .

“SEO is something you will not know unless you practice it “


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s DAY 2 SEO .


For any queries please drop a mail with SUBJECT “ DAY 1: SEO tactics “ at techsedu7 [at] or you can comment or subscribe to our blog. Please like and share our blog as well.





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