SEO Day 3: Key Features


These are the few SEO Day 3:Key Features you need to follow ( abide by these rules ) :

  1. Decide focus keyword.
  2. Write the post according keyword and follow the steps below:-
  • The title should contain a focus keyword as it is and URL should contain focus keyword as it is.
  • The heading should be same as title + some if you want to add any other information you can added over here, and it should be written in H1 tag.
  • Next paragraph should contain first line as keyword.
  • A small heading in h2 tag containing a keyword.
  • Followed by two paragraphs.
  • Then a small heading with h3 tag.
  • Then a paragraph.
  • While writing the last paragraph of the post make sure that you have the keyword in the last sentence of the paragraph.
  • Make sure you have concluded your article appropriately and make there is no abrupt ending to it.
  1. Add a suitable image with the post to make it more understandable. Add alternate text to the image. Make sure you modify the image using Picture Manager so that there are no copyright issue. DO NOT USE PICTURES WHICH HAVE SOME OTHER WEBSITE’s LOGO ON IT, unless the content is important and needs to be published urgently.

Please Read ; SEO Day 1 and SEO Day 2 for a better understanding of SEO Day 3.

SEO DAY 3: Key feature By Yoast

4.This will cover what needs to be done in SEO by Yoast Plugin

  • (i) In the section of word press SEO by yoast, ensure the proper Focus keyword is mention over here.
  • (ii) In SEO title make sure you have the same title that you have already mentioned.
  • (iii) In meta description, copy paste the first few lines of p1, do not exceed it by 200 characters.
  1. Make sure the no. of times you used the keyword in a 400-word article is not more than 16.
  2. Make sure the article you are write is easy to understand.
  3. Select the appropriate category from category’s list.
  4. Then add a featured image.
  5. Tags should contain keyword related words that are post targeting. Example- If you are writing about Motorola Nexus 6, then the tags should be in the form of Motorola Nexus 6 release date, Nexus 6 price, etc.
  6. Make sure whenever you write content your focus keyword should always be different.
  7. Before publishing the content save it in draft state and check if the SEO button is green or not.
  8. If it is not green follow the above steps, and click or check button to see the mistake.

Even though this is just the basic I have been focusing on ,  but this is just what is needed. Stay tuned for more information on SEO Day 4.



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