SEO Day 2 : What You need to do ?



Well In SEO Day 1

,I had focused on what I should write and where my focus should be. So I had started planning of how to do things perfectly and in an organized manner. Even though I am not that genius in SEO , but reading my struggle would be worth it .

Before I start with what I did today please take a note of the plugins that I am using along with the wordpress.



For those who are using some other platform , do not worry . I will explain how everything is going to work .

So here is a brief summary of what was done on SEO day 2:

 Step One SEO  : Focus On How To Write Content?

I have used a standard procedure of writing content which is used by many of the SEO experts :

  1. Decide upon a Keyword to focus? A keyword is a word which will have significance for your content .
  2. Write a heading have that keyword content
  3. Make sure that the permalink also has that same keyword

While writing the content make sure to have the following is done :

  1. Make sure your title contains the keyword and should be in between <h1>…</h1>
  2. Divide your content into at least 3 paragraph with a minimum word count of 350. We are suggesting 350 because it will keep the user more interested in your website . Remember the shorter the content the lesser is the interaction is of the users.
  3. The first paragraph you are writing should contain the Keyword and the keyword can be in bold and italics to emphasize on it .
  4. Make sure you add small subheading with the keyword, placing them between <h2>..</h2> and <h3>..</h3>
  5. Make sure that when you add images , do add an alternate tag along with it
    //<img src=”image” alt=”alt text”>
  6. While ending the post make sure you have a keyword place in the last sentence.


All the above technique are a part of ON-PAGE SEO optimization , they can be done very easily . In wordpress I use WordPress SEO by Team Yoast , which gives me the same insights of the above stuff incase  I will forget any .

Main Point

While writing the content please ensure that you focus on the topic that you are writing , keeping the keyword density  less that 4% of the content.  You need to make sure that the content is easily understood and people can relate to it very easily .

Do remember that the bigger and influential the content is , the better is the response. It not that you write article of about 4-5 pages , even that’s wrong , keep you article crisp and short and upto the point which covers your title.

You might be wondering what “Keyword Density” is and how to keep it below 4% . See it is very simple , you have selected only one “keyword”  , if you repeat the keyword more number of times in the post or page , it would showcase a bad impression on the visitor , showcasing your inability to write content.

Remember SEO is everything you do for your website to improve its ranking.

This was all about the DAY 2 where I had focused. In return I’ll be sharing the traffic and alexa rank plus the adsense earning .

Alexa Rank: 233,354

Analytics : 371

Adsense : $0.05


Analytics Day 2
Analytics Day 2
Alexa Ranking Day 2
Alexa Ranking Day 2

It was very strange to figure out that my Alexa and adsense earning had dipped from what they previous had . Since we are in the learning phase we should not loose hope as SEO is a long term process.

We need to wait till we start getting positive results . Remember good things happen slowly .

You can read more about Step 2 of  What you need to do ? on Day 3.


For any queries please drop a mail with SUBJECT “ DAY 2: SEO tactics “ at techsedu7 [at] or you can comment or subscribe to our blog. Please like and share our blog as well.

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