Samsung to Integrate Flexible Display in Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung to Integrate Flexible Display in Galaxy S6

As a phone of the future, so much or so little has been talked about Samsung Galaxy S6. But wait; there is a point no one or just a few has had the audacity to pinpoint about S6. What have we heard so far about flexible display expected to come with the S6?

Flexible AMOLED display


Samsung Galaxy S6 Design
Samsung Galaxy S6 Design

As one of the leading manufacturer of smart phones, Samsung has ever been planning to introduce a new type of Smartphone that will have flexible display characteristics. Users of this technology will have the convenience of changing how their phones look like at any time.
According to Samsung, this is a concept called Youm technology that helps gadgets like Smartphone phones to change shapes by twisting and folding. This so far has only been dreamt about but no gadget has yet utilised the technology.

As it is, Samsung is very much prepared to invest in S6. It’s their flagship smartphone, and they are serious about it. That is why there is no doubt that Youm technology will be part of S6. Already the images that has filtered through about the yet to be launched S5 can prove that S5 won’t include this flexion. Galaxy note 4 is yet another gadget we are waiting from Samsung but still there is no sign of flexible display. With the exclusivity and concern we already see Samsung put on S6, this is s proof enough that Samsung is working on something totally new for S6 and that can only be the Youm technology.

Edge to Edge 5.5 or 6.0” Screen display

Basically, among the most irrefutable rumours so far is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature an edge to edge screen display. This is what is supposed to ensure that the Youm technology works perfectly well. This kind of display will boost the sensation of some of its features for instance video streaming. It will also increase the room or space for more icons created for instance downloaded apps.

This will ensure that you can do more with the gadget apart from what is basic about it; there would be no limitations on what you can do with the gadget. Also by altering the shape means you can adjust it to fit in a certain space and also enable you to handle the phone more appropriately for safety and winning the drop test.


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