Samsung: The top contender in smartphone race


Samsung: The top contender in smartphone race 

In this super advanced technological world, infinite companies have taken birth. When there are so many companies, there would obviously be a stiff competition or just to say it other way round, there is a race between several smart phone manufacturers to attain the badge of best smartphone producer. There are some companies who have been maintaining them in this race of technology since quite few years and amongst them is the South Korean firm – Samsung, who has always been the top contender in this smartphone race. Though there has always been a very tough competition between Samsung and Apple but Samsung has always been unbeatable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung can, without being hesitant, be called the cult beginner in most of the countries. Thinking what cult are we talking about??? No, no it’s not a religious one! We are talking about Samsung initiating the smart phone cult in many countries. Most the tech lovers would have started their journey of smartphones with Samsung for sure. Tech lovers might be getting nostalgic hearing this!! But be it about just a normal technology or an advanced technology, Samsung has always taken the lead. Probably that is the reason what makes it the heart throb of tech geeks and of course, the winner of this smartphone race.


Samsung is truly unique in the way it has chosen its trajectory and grabbed the success. Its dual approach has made it the king of smartphone world. It has firmly established itself in both the spheres – its smartphone series namely Galaxy S series and its phablet series namely Galaxy Note series. This way it has provided complete satisfaction to those who are regular buyers of Samsung and don’t want to look anywhere else for a phablet.



It won’t be wrong if we call Samsung an innovator. After all, it always takes lead if technology has to make a transition from one sort to another. It always lands in the market with a new or advanced technology. For an instance, in 2014 it landed with a phablet- note 4 which had a new feature called stylus pen. It was truly an innovation in the world of phablets. Just to give you another example, Samsung is launching new smartphones this year with a RAM of 4GB, which in itself is a revolution.


It’s camera has always been an awesome part of the Samsung smart phones. Rumors are saying that S7 is going to come with a camera of 30MP at the back, which will be the best camera of Samsung till now.


Probably all these traits of Samsung are the reason why it has always been the top contender of this smartphone race. Where there is a blend of an innovator, uniqueness and an initiator, it has to be the best. That also makes it the top seller of the smart phones in the tech market and largest profit earner. Many firms have tried to compete it but no one could and hence Samsung continues it hegemony over the tech world.


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