Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Specifications Possibilities


Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Specifications Possibilities

The Smartphone world is going to get revolutionized with the launch of Samsung S7. Every month we see a new launch of Smartphone with faster, powerful andamazing features. According to the resources 2015 is going to be a revolutionary year in terms of Smartphone. According to the Samsung engineers they are testing the most advanced phone of the decade that is Samsung Galaxy S7. Here are details of release date, features and specification of the upcoming Smartphone.

Release date

Within couple of months the release of the Samsung 7 can be expected. The release date is almost near and so is the end to your excitement. According to the previous dates of Samsung galaxy series releases the upcoming phone might be releasing in the first quarter of 2015. There isa huge competition in the mobile market and it is forcing mobile phone companies to bring something unique and better from their previous launches faster.

  • Galaxy S4 was released in March
  • Galaxy S5 in March 2014
  • Galaxy S6 in coming February
  • Galaxy S7 first quarter of 2015

According to the rumors Samsung might be releasing its upcoming galaxy series with new name

Features and specification

Let us start with the hardware, there is no doubt that this Smartphone would carry advanced hardware. In 2014 customers were satisfied with 3GB RAM. In2015 4GB RAM would be common so if you are expecting this, there is no problem at all. We could also expect faster processor (3.x GHz).

Display might be new and much more attractive and yes Samsung is going to stand up toconsumers expectations. Just two years ago, LG and HTC were the two giants to experience three D display inSmartphone’s; however the consumer’sresponses were not fulfilled. But who knows that Samsung will bring high resolution Smartphone or not.

  • Features
  • 3D 4K resolution
  • X GHz processor
  • There might be amini projector
  • Twenty megapixelssensitivity sensor
  • Charging time five minutes

In Smartphone industry revolution is required and we will definitely see this the next year in 2015.

Price range

Samsung is one company that sells its phones like hot cakes. Galaxy Note four was the most expensive Smartphone and its sale was pretty good. After the launch of Samsung GS6 the price of note 4 is also going to fall. We can only expect that Samsung is going to launch a Smartphone with cheaper price tag so that Samsung fans can enjoy another flagship without worrying about draining their pockets. On the other hand there is tough competition in the market and Samsung can only beat the others in terms of prices.

We are waiting for the launch of Galaxy S7desperately. The Internet is flooded with the rumors and specification.It is hard to say what Samsung has planned new for its customers until the launch of the new Smartphone series by Samsung. Till then we will have to be little serene.


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