Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification, Design, Feature, Image, Price, Release Date and Rumors : Everything You Need To Know


Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification,Design,Feature,Image,Price, Release Date and Rumors :Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S6- Update 23/03/2015: 

Samsung Galaxy S6 has been officially released along with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and will be available from April 2015 1st week Onwards .Please read the features and Specification to know more about the original product.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

 Samsung , Recently it launched the all new Samsung Galaxy S5 in the MWC in Barcelona in 2014 and now its speculated that it has started working on the next Galaxy S Smartphone device i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S6 . Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone has been marketed by mainly focusing on the health of a person . Building the finger print scanner and HBR as an additional feature made it look more interesting.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is still not confirmed by Samsung as such but the Google Personnel has declared that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Android as its operating system. Some sources reveals that Samsung Galaxy S6  will be launched by the end of this years that is in the fourth quarter of the 2014 . But if this actually happens it will be for the first time that Samsung will launch its second flagship phone of the same S series in a year. Nothing like this as happened ever in the history of the Smartphone industry.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

In this article you will find about the details about

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Update : 01/03/2015

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Feature

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification :Update :01/03/2015

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

-Samsung Galaxy S6 colours Update : 01/03/2015

-Update 15/06/2014: 5G Technology will not be present in S6

-Update 19/06/2014 :Metallic Finish

-Update 23/06/2014: Dual OS Might not be Present

-Update 27/06/2014:Samsung Galaxy S6 Might Have Android ‘L’ as its OS

-Update 14/07/2014: Samsung Galaxy S6 to have Retina Scanner


Since there is no official confirmation about the specification and features ,everything that is present on the internet in present on the basis of rumors. So we will inform you about the design, specification, feature, price , release and rumors in detail now:-

Samsung Galaxy S6  Rumors

Well we all know that rumors and expectations play a major role in the development of a product and with Samsung S series expectations increases day by day. The whole design ,specification and features of Samsung Galaxy S6  are based on rumors .The rumors that were out there were as follows:

  1. This rumor is interesting because it stated that Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be launched at all and that Samsung would be directly launching Galaxy S6 in 2014. This became a hoax when recently Samsung Launched it s Galaxy S5.

2.Another very interesting rumor was about the operating system . Some said that Samsung would launch Tizen OS with Samsung Galaxy S6 leaving the support of Android anymore. Well there were still chances ,but the Google personnel rubbed this rumors off.

3.There are chances that Samsung Galaxy S5 was the last in the Galaxy Series and it is expected that Samsung would start launching Galaxy F series. But recently a Google personnel stated that Samsung Galaxy S6 will also have android.

  1. It is expected that next Series of Gear devices would also be launched.
  2. The introduction of retina scanner is also possible in Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung  Galaxy S6 Design

Well as we have seen the design of Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s not that hard to determine the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 .  Many of the futuristic reviews expected that Samsung galaxy S5 would have a aluminum body and a finish just like the HTC One ,but it was hardly that way. It was launched with a perforated  back panel . Additionally it was waterproof and dustproof and interestingly it had fingerprint scanner ,which many people thought it might not have as the recently launched Iphone 5S had it . But keeping few things apart Samsung main focus on the smartphone was the Fitness of a person,so it had also installed a H R sensor i.e the Heart Rate Sensor making sure that person can measure his/her heartbeat.  Well with all this in just the Samsung Galaxy S5 ,it leaves us thinking what else could be there in the all new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept


Since Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the next flagship in the Samsung Galaxy Series ,a lot of things are expected from it . People are generally not happy with the design of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone these day .Personally I still like the design of the Samsung Galaxy SII ,still the best in design in all the Samsung Galaxy S devices. From the above details this is what we can imagine as follows:

1.Atleast a 5.3” FHD Super AMOLED capacitive Screen with a pixel density of 500ppi

2.Expected an aluminum body .

3.Very less bezel size.

4. Will be lightest in the Galaxy S series .

5. There are slight chances that it may not have aluminum body and may have the same material just as Samsung Galaxy S5 but with a larger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Metallic back
Samsung Galaxy S6 Metallic back Concept

Update 01/03/2015

This is the final Design of Samsung Galaxy S6. Finally we are able to see a metallic body and a non removable battery . It has a dual tone finish

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Well mostly people are interested in features that a Smartphone provides. Since you know here we are talking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy ‘s next flagship that is the Galaxy S6 the comparison of features become more important .Since many Giants are releasing their featured phone people generally require some additional stuff that helps them make their mind for buying such a smartphone.

Update 01/03/2015

Final Features in Samsung Galaxy S6

1.  16 MP Primary Camera

2. 5 MP Secondary Camera

3.  3GB RAM

4. 32/64/128 GB Variants with addition memory slot

5. Dustproof and Water resistant

6.Metallic Body expected

7. Exynos 7 processor.

8. Fingerprint scanner

9. No Retina Scanner (expected)

10.HR sensor( Heart  rate sensor)

11. Android 5.0

12.Ultra Power Saving Mode+ KIDS Mode

13. Non removable Battery of at 2600mAh

14 . Wireless charging

15. Best in class Memory Storage (tecnology os SSD is used )

16. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge provides you to reject calls from the back panel as well.

17. 5.1 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen .

18. Samsung Pay , is one of the amazing features that has been introduced.


Samsung Galaxy S6 front
Samsung Galaxy S6 front


Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

Update 01/03/2015


Final Specification of Samsung Galaxy S6:


Features Samsung Galaxy S6
Connectivity 2G,3G,4G LTE,5G compatible, NFC,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Special: Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
Dimension: 142.1 x 70.1 x 7 mm
Weight 132g
CPU: Exynos 7 ,  1.5 GHz processor
Memory Internal:32/64/128GBExpandable : NO
Display 5.1 inch screen ,QHD Super AMOLED display and capacitive touch  with Gorilla Glass 4
Camera (primary) 16 MP, autofocus ,LED
Camera(Secondary) 5MP
Operating System  Android Lollipop 5.0 OS
Feature Check the Features Section
Battery 2600mAh Non Removable Battery 
Sensors Gyro, accelerometer, proximity, barometer, infrared, and gesture sensors.
Launch Date March 2015Will be launched by April 1st week .
Price/Cost $950-$1000 USD , Rs.49,000


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Expected Price Update : 23/03/2015

Next thing that people are interested is knowing the price associated with such a Smartphone and whether is that Smartphone worth that price. Price of the Smartphone drops down every month ,but here we are concerned about the initial price of Samsung Galaxy S6.It is expected to cost around $1000.

Update 23/03/2015 :

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have been laun India.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India 32 GB -Rs 49,000/-

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India 64 GB- Rs 55,900/-

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge  Price in India 32 GB- Rs 58,900/-

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Price in India 64 GB – Rs 64,000/-


Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 would be launched in some conference which may be called the unpacked event 6 or unpacked event 7 in last week of February 2015 or first week of March 2015 and is expected to release by April first week.    


Samsung Galaxy S6 colours


Well thats not it , colors also play an important part in texture and appeal of the smartphone . It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in 4-5 colours ,taking into account blue ,black , white and few others.
Update : 01/03/2016
Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available in 4 Colors : Peral White , Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Green Emerald.

UPDATE  15/06/2014

5G Technology will not be present in S6

Since we also said that there are chances that Samsung Galaxy S6 might be 5G compatible ,well it won’t be  as the 5G technology standards have not been evolved yet fully nor have they been defined . Samsung galaxy S6 ,for sure will support 4G LTE in all varaints.

UPDATE  19/06/2014

Metallic Finish for S6 possible

Well one thing that comes into play is that how can a Metallic body be waterproof ? Well by metallic body it doesn’t mean it is made up of Pure Iron , the terms like anodization and galvanization  will come into play. More over it’s a Samsung product and we know what they are capable of ! If Samsung Galaxy S6 come out with a metallic body you shouldn’t be surprised that much.

UPDATE  23/06/2014

Dual OS Might not be Present

May of our users have asked whether Samsung galaxy S6 will have dual operating System? Well, the answer is NO. Even though some believe that  Galaxy S6 will Android + Tizen OS, we would like to tell you that Samsung has a separate series for Tizen OS and we believe that it won’t mix Tizen which still in its initial phases with Android. Plus the Google personnel also confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Android OS .

UPDATE  27/06/2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 Might Have Android ‘L’ as its OS

Recently Google revealed the Android ‘L’ OS in its Google I/O 2014. The best part of Android ‘L’ is that it supports 64bit architecture same as the iOS 7 . We can have a sense of relief that Android OS  is finally out for 64 bit devices . Even though few Smartphones were supported by  64bit chip but were running Android 32 bit OS. With this we can assure you that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have the latest 64 Bit OS that is the Android ‘L’.

Update 14/07/2014:

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have Retina Scanner

Well recently Samsung Exynos division tweeted a picture which shows the possibility of retina scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Since soon after note 4 Samsung would be launching the all New Samsung Galaxy S6 ,there are chances that Samsung Galaxy S6 might also have a retina scanner for an improved functionality.

Check: for the twitter picture.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have retina Scanner Possible
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have retina Scanner Possible

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Video


Latest Update 01/03/2015 : Samsung Galaxy S6 to be showcased today  : Live  Event

Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally launched . We have updated the post accordingly

Latest Update 09/02/2015 : Samsung Released a poster of the next event . Possibility of a Flexible screen 

Samsung has finally unveiled a poster of the next event . The poster shows that there is a possibility of flexible screen. Are your  ready for the event???

What's Next
What’s Next

Latest Update 04/02/2015 : Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might get launched on 1st March 

Well some rumors suggest that Samsung may be launching Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on 1st March 2015 , at MWC to be held in Barcelona ,Spain. The Edge devices had captured eyes of people last year and this time we might be able to see the Edge in the S series. Even though going by convention the name of the  “Edge” Smartphone for Samsung will be  Samsung Galaxy S Egde rather than Samsung Galaxy S6 edge . Since the details have not been confirmed , we have to wait till the smartphones are actually launched.

Latest Update 31/01/2015:  Samsung Galaxy S6 might miss Snapdragon 810 chipset

It is being rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 might now have the latest chipset from Qualcomm , i.e the snapdragon 810 chipset . Snapdragon 810 is the latest form Qualcomm , and as per rumors Samsung would be skipping this for its next flag ship device i.e Samsung Galaxy S6.  Samsung Galaxy S6 would come it onboard Android Lollipop 5.o OS.

Update 19/12/2014: Samsung Galaxy S6  Might be Spotted In India For R&D

Well the latest news , to be believed that a Samsung’s Product was sent to India for further R&D . As per source it was not for sale and the was costing as much as Rs 18,000 INR . Well to believe the rumors ,people are stating that it was Samsung Galaxy S6 , but as of the price is concerned it does not feel like Galaxy S6 . There are chances that it turns out to be a Samsung Galaxy S6 mini , but at present it’s just a rumor and nothing much can be said about it.

Update 03/11/2014: Samsung Galaxy S6 Code Named ” Project Zero “

Well Recently news has spread that Samsung Galaxy S6 has been code named ” Project Zero”. The rumors are also suggesting that Project Zero is being built from scratch rather than following the inherited model. Samsung Galaxy S6 might be one of the best  Galaxy S devices , we just need to wait and see.

Update 24/10/2014

It is being rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 would feature ultra fast WiFi . Till date the wired connection has higher speed as compared to Wifi . Samsung has come up with an ultra fast connection standard 802.11 ad termed as WiGig  that works on 60 GHz frequency band . Stay tuned for more information.

Update 18/10/2014

After Samsung Galaxy Alpha , the expectations of people has raised exponentially . It may be possible to see water resistant Samsung Galaxy S6 in March 2015.

 Update 15/10/2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 might be scheduled to release early March 2015. This  would be Samsung’s next big release in 6 months . Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might be an answer to all the flaws in S5 , and to the newly launched Motorola Nexus 6 . Samsung Galaxy S6 would even try to outsmart OnePlus One . It is expected to have a qHD display and 64-bit chipset, and would come  along Android L .


For news on Samsung Galaxy S6 keep checking out!


    • Yes it will be possible to exchange S4 for S6 or S6 edge. Please wait till the phones get offically launched then you will be able to see that in Flipkart or


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