Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6, Next Generation War


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6, Next Generation War

We know that Samsung and Apple have been peforming well in the smartphone industry.At this time Samsung Galaxy s6 and iPhone 6 are the most anticipated Smartphone who are ready to fight against each other and  everybody is interested in looking forward to it.

While both the companies haven’t said anything about their specification and release date ,it is very hard to guess anything about ther specification. But on the basis of their rumors and anticipated specification we are here to compare both the phones at every prospect.


Casing and design

The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a new iconic liquid metal casing and sapphire glass to protect it from scratches and dents while on the other hand Samsung is supposed to have more curved display panel with aluminum casing and there are some rumors out there which are also pointing towards flexible display . Contrary to this, reports suggest that next iPhone will have plastic-metal body as the company is looking towards a lighter design but we have seen this experiment with iPhone 5C which hasn’t worked well last year.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

Screen Display and Processor Specs

Rumors for both the smartphones suggests more about larger display with at least 2K resolution. According to rumors and speculation  Galaxy S6 will have 5.6inch and iPhone 6 have 5inch display this year.

A HexaCore processor with 3GHz will be there in the Galaxy S6 portfolio while on the other hand iPhone 6 is expected to have and upgraded Cortex A7 processor with Qualcomm chipset.

Storage and Operating System

Apple iPhone will have iOS 8 which was recently unveiled  by Apple and Samsung galaxy S6 phone will operate with Android L which was unveiled by Google in the Google I/O 2014 event.

Now coming to  their memory capabilities, we expect both the smartphones to have a atleast 32GB internal memory .Were as the expandable can be optional in both the phone. As of now no specification has been released by either of the companies . We will get back to you once there is any news.

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iPhone 6

Samsung galaxy S6 phone




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