Samsung Galaxy S6 to be launched on March 1st 2015: Update


Samsung Galaxy S6 to be launched on March 1st 2015


Well we all have been eagerly waiting for the news , and here it is . All new Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched on March 1st 2015, in MWC Barcelona, and this would finally put an end to the rumors that have been floating around for the past two years . Samsung Galaxy S6 as rumored is expected to have amazing features and specification . Since it was rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 was built from the scratch , we can see a completely new look  than what we have been looking around for about 3 years in a row . Since the teaser of the even showed a bend in the smartphone structure we can believe this will be and had been a smartphone worth the wait.

What's Next
What’s Next

Samsung abandoned the latest snapdragon chipset for its Exynos chipset and since this has been done , we guess the Exynos processor might turn out to be faster that than what snapdragon might have brought in the market . Since Samsung is the world leader in the Android Market and leading mobile seller  in India , it would have taken this decision very precisely.

Is there is a possibility that Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will be same ? Or  will both the smartphone will be different ?

Well we have been getting this question for about a month since some website posted a rumor about Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, well honestly even we don’t know the answer and even we are eagerly waiting for the Next Samsung  Event to find out what will Samsung Galaxy S6 hold in itself . There are chances that  Samsung Galaxy S6 might have edge like feature just like Samsung Galaxy Note Edge , but can’t really be sure about it . But  if  Samsung will make a edge S series smartphone it would probably name it as Samsung Galaxy S Edge rather than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge  as S6 is a different series and Edge it different.

What we all can say that we need to wait till this smartphone gets launched .

Update: Next teaser shows that Samsung Galaxy S6 would be metallic and would have a curved body . There are also some chances of it having edge display :

Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser
Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser

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