Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 Comparison


Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 are the newest and technologically most advanced smartphones in the market. Nowadays, in the market there is a huge competition between these three smartphones as who will be the leader in the market and in the near future this competition might increase as iPhone 6, Nexus 6 and LG G3 will come in a few months time.

We tried briefly and objectively to evaluate and compare these three titans of the market on the basis of features, advantages and disadvantages of these devices in our review.

Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Sony Xperia Z2 VS HTC One M8
Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Sony Xperia Z2 VS HTC One M8


­­­Design, ergonomics and individual characteristics

The most interesting and exciting design is the rounded aluminium HTC One M8, slightly inferior to him is chopped glass Sony Xperia Z2 and then is the plastic Samsung Galaxy S5. The conclusion here is very simple that metal and glass are more advantageous and though better than plastic.

As for ergonomics,HTC One M8 here looks preferable. Behind him is the lightest and most compact of the three devices, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5, and closes the three is most massive, with both visually and feel, Sony Xperia Z2. However Z2 has the biggest screen among the three i.e. 5.2 inches relative to Samsung galaxy S5having 5.1 inches and HTC having 5 inches.

If we compare these smartphones related to the number of chips, Samsung Galaxy S5 is the leader as there is ingress protection, fingerprint scanner, pulse meter, the ability to synchronize with a smartphone “smart” clock i.e. Galaxy Gear and fitness bracelet named Galaxy Fit.

Sony Xperia Z2 boasts more advanced synchronization with the clock Sony SmartWatch 2 and fitness bracelet SmartBand SWR10. Xperia Z2 has a side pin connector for docking station. So, thanks to it when charging is not necessary, remove the plug from the port.

HTC One M8 supports native mode Dot View. This mode uses a special boot time and allows to see various notifications without opening it


Interestingly, all three smartphones are equipped with different types of screens. As we know Galaxy S5 is super AMOLED, Sony Xperia Z2 having IPS, while the HTC One M8 is equipped with Super LCD.

All three smartphones displays are of the highest class, with plenty of brightness and contrast and also well readable even in bright sunlight. In this case,it is impossible to say that one is better than other.


As smartphones have evolved, the camera and music player, now the requirements to the photo-audio module in the mobile devices are quite high.

If you take pictures in good daylight, although the difference is, it is not very evident, but in low light Sony Xperia Z2 proves better than the both Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC one M8 and Unfortunately, HTC One M8 was the last with a rather large gap.


To measure the performance we used everyone’s favourite synthetic benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark.

All the participants of this race were good, but here the winner is Samsung Galaxy S5. However, in any of the three smartphones there will not be any problems with performance under any circumstances. All three smartphones have excellent performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Sony Xperia Z2 VS HTC One M8
Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Sony Xperia Z2 VS HTC One M8

Interface and firmware

Each of smartphones have got corporate desktop with their own individual characteristics.

TouchWiz (Samsung Galaxy S5) – the most feature-rich, with a large amount of fine options and settings. Gikam like exactly, ordinary users will likely not involve half its capacity.

HTC Sense (HTC One M8) – significantly simpler, but with their chips that provide extended support to gestures and aggregator BlinkFeed is quite nice.

Sony Xperia Z2 – the most simple and straightforward interface under consideration, but in terms of design it’s pretty spectacular.


It seems strange at first glance that big screens, powerful processors that consume a lot of energy, slim body and fight for every extra gram for Ultra-exclusive use of batteries, do not allow the smartphone flagship to beat the record for the duration of the battery. Purely technical indicators are as follows of the three heroes withHTC One M8 having 2600 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy S5 with 2800 mAh battery and Sony Xperia Z2 is equipped with 3200 mAh battery. So,Sony Xperia z2 has the most capacious battery as it is confirmed by the test results also.

In general the Sony Xperia Z2 indicators are all quite decent. That is, when the battery is low it disables all possible modules and services, and the device is turned into a normal mobile phone that can work in this mode for several hours. Thus, the probability that some of these phones you will be without communication as it will tend to zero.

In conclusion We have tried our best to compare all parameters of these smartphones and to do this we identified all the technical characteristics i.e. battery life, screen, camera, performance and design.

The fight for these the smartphone makers will continue as all these three companies have their future giants to come with Sony will launch Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung will have its eyes on Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC will be launching HTC One M9 in the future.


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