Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: An Excellent Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at first sight stands out from the other, as one side of its screen is bent, and continues on the side panel. This solution allows you to instantly access the most frequently used functions, and also serves as a separate panel for alerts, freeing the main screen for other tasks.

Galaxy Note Edge F

This unusual decision does not prevent the use of original wallpapers and themes for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, as well as pictures that appeal to you personally – you can customize the form as the main screen, and its individual “corner”.

The basis of 5.6-inch screen in Samsung Galaxy Note Edge used technology Super AMOLED, which provides playback of rich and saturated colors and wide viewing angles. In combination with the resolution of the main screen 2560 x 1440 points you get incredibly detailed images.

Not only highlights the bright appearance of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge among other devices. Another great advantage of this model – the use of quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.7 GHz and 3 GB of RAM, which allows you to work successfully with the most demanding mobile applications.

The smartphone runs on Android 4.4, and one of its significant advantages is multitasking, whereby not only can you use multiple applications at once, but to do it at once on the same screen without switching and selecting the most convenient way of work.

The kit comes with the smartphone pen S Pen with improved sensor fixing Velocity, which allows you to accurately reproduce the process of handwriting. In addition, thanks to the stylus that can be used such convenient features as Smart Select fast work with the text, as well as Photo Note for a comfortable and fast creation of notes.

The advantages of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge are camera with high resolution of 16 megapixels and rapid auto focus and a system of three microphones for recording high-quality video with sound. The front camera supports a resolution of 3.7 megapixels, and its aperture wide-angle lens lets you capture high-quality self-images in almost any lighting.

Another advantage of this model – the presence of a fingerprint reader, which allows easy access to the capabilities of the phone owner and just protect personal information from other people.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge uses a high-capacity battery, which is not only to ensure the continued operation of the device, but also supports the function of fast charging.

And now as the experiment of Samsung in the shape of Galaxy Note Edge is successful, we would be seeing more devices in the series very soon. And probably it would be named as Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 but official information is not available at present. As per the market analysts and stats of Samsung previous devices release, Note Edge 2 release date would probably schedule for August or September 2015.


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