Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Not Be a Disappointment but Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Pictures Might Make Users Angry


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Not Be a Disappointment but Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Pictures Might Make Users Angry

Recently some leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with body covers might upset the users.  As seen below , it some what looks like Samsung Galaxy S6 itself. As of now there is no confirmation from Samsung that ,this is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 .


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As Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the next flagship killer from Samsung , there are a lot of expectation from it. In out previous post , many people have commented stating that they do not like the non removable battery feature, and Samsung might be loosing their  valuable customer hold. Now, as per the leaked(not confirmed) images , if Samsung galaxy Note 5 looks like this( Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Pictures) , it would make users a bit disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : Why it will not be a disappointment?

We know that people expect a lot of things and expectation is one of the way to show trust in someone and that is what we are doing in case of Samsung . Samsung as well as Apple are very well known for their quality of product, it’s just that people expect a lot of things at the same time.

Our expectations increases when we watch movies like Iron Man, where Tony Stark is in conversation with an AI ( Jarvis) and uses such cool tech , which are so amazing and futuristic people start wanting those stuff . This leads to an added pressure in the electronics manufacturing industry , where they need to create more cool stuff as compared to the one in the past. That’s what Samsung , HTC , OnePlus , LG , Apple , Micromax, Infocus  and many others have been doing , it’s just that people compare it with something like what is shown in the movies.  I guess many people even think that the Iron Man suit should also be created by these companies.
Well  as the customers expectation increases ,these companies start feeding them with the best of the tech , that could ever be created .  Samsung coming out with the Samsung Pay feature , was another cool move that Samsung did this year. In Google I/O 2015 , Google showed a concept of hands free payment which is still in prototype ( which I actually think is useless; please don’t mind) it received a huge amount of positive response.

With this we wanted to explain you that the Smartphone makes like Samsung , many other will do a lot of things to make their user happy and since Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be releasing soon , I am pretty sure it would be loaded with a lot of fun and exciting stuff .

Please Note : This site is not associated with any brand ,and this post is not promoting any brand value to any company . This post simply suggest that , we always get less that what we expect. There is a problem with out expectation and not the Smartphone’s or the companies. But yes , the big companies should actually go through the users response while planning to do anything new.

If you want to know more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : Click on the link 



  1. i think this going to be the worst designed ever for Note 5.. we are looking for more stylish , slimmer galaxy note 5


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