Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple iPhone 7

We will be updating this post soon !

Since the rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Apple iPhone 7 has started , and  it would be the best time to compare the smartphones on such rumors . As of now , there is no official confirmation whether these smartphones are even getting launched or not. But if the rumors are to be believed , these smartphones would be getting launched by the third quarter of this year(2015).

Since we will be comparing these smartphone based on rumors only , we are not guaranteeing that these smartphones would be actually be like this when launched. Once these smartphones are launched we will be updating this post .

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple  iPhone 7 : Design

In recent years , how the smartphone looks like and what its ergonomics are like are the major deciding factor of whether the smartphone would perform well in market. Considering the recent smartphones from Samsung and Apple , Note 4 and iPhone 6 respectively , both the smartphones have a brilliant design, whereas the ergonomics of the iPhone 6 is slightly less than that of Note 4 as iPhone 6 has h flat back and has a tendency to slip from the hand whereas Note 4 having curved back makes the grip better. This does not state hat iPhone 6 is not better than Note 4 . Since we are comparing Note 5 and iPhone 7 we would not be discussing whether iPhone 6 is better or Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Concpet Image
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Concpet Image

Considering the design aspect both the companies would try to make it even better than present and predecessors . Recently we heard a news about “Samsung Galaxy S6” code named “Project Zero” that Samsung is trying to built it from scratch . It is to be believed that a lot of design features of Samsung Galaxy S6 can be found in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And considering Apple , it would make Apple iPhone 7 bigger and better.
Considering the design , I guess Apple iPhone 7 might take a lead as it may look more elegant . Rest we cannot predict future. Final verdict can only be given when these smartphones are actually launched.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple iPhone 7 : Specification

Definalty Note 5 would take a lead in specification considering the fact that Apple iPhone 6 just has 1GB of RAM. Note 5 would be bigger compared to Apple iPhone 7 . Since it is predicted that Apple iPhone 7 would have a max of 5.3 inch screen , Note 4 alone has a screen of 5.7 inch and we guess that Note 5 might go near 5.9 inches.

Considerng the specification Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to take a leap . Final verdict can only be given when these smartphones are actually launched


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple iPhone 7: Performance

Both these smartphone would be optimized for the best possible performance and user experience .Since iPhone 7 will be having iOS as a OS platform and Note 5 would be having Android , it would be tough to say which one will perform better . So this would be only possible to say one the smartphone are released.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple iPhone 7 : Expected Price

If you are thinking that these smartphone would be cheap due to technology advancement , I would then like to say that these smartphones are not for you, These smartphone will literally burn your pockets . Both the smartphone would be USD $1100+ . If you will be looking out for a budget smartphone with almost the same features , I would suggest you to try OnePlus “Two”.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS Apple iPhone 7: Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be probably launched in the third quarter of 2015 , where as iPhone 7 might launch next year. But if you believe rumors , Apple iPhone 7 might get launched in the third quarter of 2015.


Well we need to wait this these smartphone actually get launched , and then decide which one is better.




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