Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have started to rise. Well with this , the viewers  have demanded what could be the possible difference between the two smartphones. Since Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has note yet launched it will be very difficult to say what all stuff it may have . We know what Samsung is capable of and with the news of Project Zero ,as rumored Samsung might be coming with something very big in Samsung Galaxy S6 as well .  As of now we can only compare Note 4’s specification with the rumored Specification of Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Concpet Image
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Concpet Image

As far as the specification is concerned , we think that there won’t be much of a difference between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5. There would be a slight up gradation .

If rumors are to be believe Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be packed with a 4K resolution display. This is expected to be Samsung’s second Smartphone after Samsung Galaxy S6 to have a 4K resolution display plus the screen size would also be around 5.9-6.0 inch. This Phablet would a great competitor of OnePlus two  and next Google flagship smartphone.

Considering RAM , there won’t be much difference . Since Note 4 is packed with 3GB of RAM ,chances are that Note 5 even  has the same. But since it would be a successor of Note 4 the chances of Note 5 have 4GB RAM are still alive.

The storage capacity won’t see much of a difference . Both smartphone are expected to have expandable capacity upto 128GB.

The main thing to bring into focus would be the design , since Samsung has been following conventional design after the S2 case by Apple , it would be pretty interesting to see Samsung comes out with some design changes in Note 5. Since project zero is built from scratch , it is expected that Samsung would reconsider the design changes for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well. It would be great to see Samsung Galaxy Note 5 all metallic , dustproof , and water resistant.


For more information Stay tuned to Samsung galaxy Note 5 News : release date and more.





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