Rumors suggest big design changes in Apple iPhone 7


Rumors suggest big design changes in Apple iPhone 7

According to the new rumors from China, Apple might be experimenting with no less than five different iPhone 7 models. It is suggested that Apple is working quite hard on the looks and design of the upcoming iPhone model. In one of the previous articles we informed our viewers about how there might be a possibility of “no headphone jack” in the iPhone 7 to have slimmer model. Here’s a list of few other features that may be integrated into the forthcoming Apple iPhone 7.

Rumored new features of iPhone 7

Apple might integrate its signature Lightning connector with a reversible USB Type-C port, in the new iPhone. This is a feature that is already found on Apple’s new MacBook but a first in iPhone series. Although Android smartphones are also expected to also shift to the reversible Type-C in 2016 but this move by Apple could create a standard for smartphone charging.

Samsung has already introduced wireless charging with its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and now Apple is also planning to introduce their own charging console rather than making iPhone 7 compatible with the existing chargers.

Apple might combine two of its existing features – the gesture-based command “pinch-to-zoom” with 3D touch from iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Basically Apple wants to add more functionality to the 3D touch feature. It is a two-finger simultaneous (or multi-touch) 3D touch to set off certain commands.

Dual rear cameras is something that Apple was rumored to be developing for earlier iPhone models which would allow for optical zoom instead of the relatively obsolete digital zoom. Since this feature hasn’t been added yet to any of the iphone models; we can expect Apple to add it on the iPhone 7.

Lastly, to change the look of iPhone drastically Apple might add fingerprint recognition capabilities to the main display screen. This way it could then discard the home button and fit future iPhones into a smaller frame, if they choose to. Also Apple has been registering patents that appear to coincide with this kind of idea.


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