Redline Rush – beautiful game for Nexus 5


Redline Rush – beautiful game for Nexus 5


Google Nexus fans have got more than they could ever desire from their affordable smartphones. Ultimate features, a great looks and now a range of apps that are all loved by fans.


Redline Rush
Redline Rush

The most traditional racing game on Android is Minion rush, but it is unlikely to be played by the fans continuously. However this is no ordinary game where you have to race on the steep wheelbarrows and push only two buttons – right & left, and tilt your smartphone or tablet. This is a much stronger game than any other in this genre. After this, road runner comes to be the second best game.


However today, we are introducing Redline Rush game. It’s so simple to play, however you will go nowhere from your seat once you start playing it. You can choose one of the three tracks and you will not move out of your seat belts. Next you need to manage the racing wheelbarrows again with only two buttons. The wheelbarrows look so realistic that you will practically feel yourself a part of the game and its track. The essence of the game is that you will stay on the track as long as possible, if you keep collecting bonuses. It will keep extending your time period.


The obstacles on the track include passing cars as well as traffic police cars along with guard-rails and other nasty stuff. If you gape and encounter an obstacle, you will see a spectacular crash and explosion which will make you fly off in style.

In a way almost the entire route is dotted with coins, collecting which you can save on car upgrades, opening new wheelbarrows and open new routes. There are other bonuses to help you get the acceleration to facilitate the collection of coins due to their “Magnet” or clean the track at some distance forward using a battering ram.

However, we note that the new car will be difficult to access if you want to simply gather up the required amount only by coins on the track. This can very quickly get boring, especially as all the machines are on the road almost at the same time and the only difference lies in design and color. More may eventually get bored by the music in the race – track almost remains unchanged and the moment will come when you want to hear a new sound track.

Redline Rush
Redline Rush

It is also important that the developers had not skimp on various discounts and promotions that stir interest in buying in-game store. And if you’re on the way to collect “secret boxes”, then you can actually gather up the required number of coins faster on your next purchase.


The upcoming modern car games should have high quality graphics and special attention to the details. That’s only where Redline Rush lacks. Otherwise it is a wonderful game and once you start playing it, you will refer it your friends and play along with them.


Let us know what you think about this game,  if you want to get details about the next release by Google, check  Google Nexus 6, its specs & interesting features. Will this smartphone also offer some new games and apps with it? Let’s see.



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