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Privacy Policy / Disclaimer

First of all we would like to thank you for visiting this website.

The privacy of the user is of extreme importance to us at This privacy policy document would tell you what type of information is received and used by us. By using this website you adhere to the below guidelines:

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Well you might have seen a widget , where we are giving you an option to subscribe to our  blog  or you might have seen a red floating bar where we are giving you an option to subscribe to our mailing list. The only thing that is saved with us the email id which is provided by you and it is not shared with anyone. We keep it pretty safe with us only .

Third Party Ads / Links

Well you might have seen ads displaying products or services or you might have seen links to another website . These links/ads might take you to another website of which we might not govern the privacy policy . If any mishap takes place on those website , we will not be responsible for it. Once you are out of “” domain, this privacy policy is not valid.

For you safety we request to have a antivirus installed in the system and be aware of the website where you are being redirected .  You can even write us a mail stating existence of a bad/malicious link on our website.

Since EduTechs is a trusted website we make every possible effort to make sure that you “the user “ will not have any bad experience. We have made every effort to check the links that are being provided here plus we are using the most trusted advertising service aka Google Adsense . But still incase if we might have missed something it is advised that you read the privacy policy of the other website where you are being redirected.


Since we are generally focusing on upcoming smartphones , the information present here might not be true to its mark. There would be a lot of generalization and once the smartphone is finally launched the information would be updated accordingly . This is a fan based website and is no way related to any organization.  We do not guarantee the information to be 100% true but we would make efforts to make user that the user doesn’t gets a sour experience form our website.


The logos used here are respective copyright of their owners .

Concept Images

The concept images used / published here are just concepts of how the product might actually look like . We do not guarantee the products to look exactly the same as made in the concept images.

If you have any other query you can contact us at our contact us page or email to us at

 The privacy policy can change without giving any prior notice . Please read this document very carefully.