OnePlus to Release 3,000 Invites.#InviteCarnival


OnePlus to Release 3,000 invites in India

OnePlus 2 smartphone was released in July and it could only be bought with an invite code which could be obtained by spreading OnePlus threads or by going to the Airtel Store with an Airtel 4G Sim card. These methods were frustrating for people as many of them could not get their hands on an invite. Sometimes people who don’t even want to buy the phone will get an invite and start selling on social networking websites.

Finally, the wait is over as OnePlus has decided to release 3,000 invites in India as a part of the #InviteCarnival Scheme. The company released the news via its official forum and confirmed that the interested customers can earn an invite for the OnePlus Two.

OnePlus Two

The official forum post which goes like this.” Love quizzes, puzzles, trivia and the like? Then this ought to be right up your alley. Be among the first few to answer them and bag an invite. Total of 3,000 invites are up for grabs! With the passage of time, we will roll out more number of invites,” declares that customers can grab invites by being a part of this #InviteCarnival scheme.

There are few conditions for this contest which go like this:-

  • Only one entry per contest will be considered, i.e. a customer can either chose a quiz, a puzzle or a trivia question.
  • Only one invite will be shared with one fan.
  • Fans can participate in as many contest as they want.
  • Winners will be declared on a first come first serve rule which means even if you answer right, you’ll have to be on top of the list.

OnePlus made an announcement for an open sale of OnePlus Two smartphone but it will not be applicable for Indian customers and will be a limited for outside customers as well.

The smartphone, OnePlus Two priced Rs. 24,999 available in India only on is stillĀ  a hot product after all this time and people are ready to pay extra for an invite. OnePlus has also hinted for a new smartphone this year named OnePlus X which will be a mini version with dual camera, OnePlus Two’s demand have not come down. It seems like the flagship killer will sell until its last stock is finished.


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