Google Nexus 10.2 Concept Images |Rishi Ramesh


Google Nexus 10.2 Concept Images |Rishi Ramesh

Well we all know Nexus 10.2 or the Nexus 10 2014  is now the most awaited tablet of 2014 apart form the Nexus 8 which also may be launching soon .  So to keep your expectations alive we bring you the latest concept of images of what Nexus 10.2 can possibly be. The concept images are designed by Rishi Ramesh ,who is an awesome concept designer and is well known for his concept images of Nexus 6 , Samsung Galaxy S6 , Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Xperia Z2 and iPhone6S /7.

Nexus 10.2
Nexus 10.2/Nexus 10 2014

We first bring you these concepts images on  along with its rumored specifications and features also.Since Nexus 10 was launched  two years before and a lot is being expected from  the new Nexus 10.2  . Since there is no as such official conformation form the Google about the Nexus 10.2, but it is expected that this time Asus will be manufacturing this tablet.

Nexus 10.2
Nexus 10.2/Nexus 10 2014

Along with this there are few modification that Google may bring up with the Nexus 10.2 tab. As you can see the from the pictures these are the following modifications that Google may bring up:

Nexus 10.2 Design

1. Bezel size reduced significantly .

2. 10.2 HD screen with 4k resolution and scratch resistant .

3.Will be the lightest in its series.

Nexus 10.2
Nexus 10.2/Nexus 10 2014


Nexus 10.2 Rumored features

Here are some interesting features that Nexus 10.2 can have:

1. May have Snapdragon 805Soc clocked at 2.5GHz.

2.Expected to have 3GB RAM .

3.May only come in two option 32 GB and a 64 GB variant.

4. May have a 8-10MP or more rear/ primary camera along with LED flash lights

5. May have a 4 MP front/secondary  camera .

6. It will be an ideal tablet for gaming .

7. May have 10.2 inch capacitive screen .

8.Possibilities suggest that it may also be water resistant and dust resistant as the trend for now as been setup.

9.Will have the latest android version   Android Lolypop [4.4.5] or Android Milkshake [5]  or which ever is the latest android version.

10.It may also have a facility for calling eventhough its least expected.


Nexus 10.2
Nexus 10.2/ Nexus 10 2014

Nexus 10.2  Price

Well since there is no official  news about the Nexus 10.2 ,nothing can be said at present .The only thing we can do is to anticipate and wait till it actually launches . But according to the awesome features and the brand name we expect that it would cost you around $600-$700.

Nexus 10.2
Nexus 10.2/Nexus 10 2014

Nexus 10.2 Release Date

Same applies for this also ,nothing can be said at  present as it has not been officially confirmed but we expect that Google  may  launch this tablet along with its Nexus 6 (TBA)and Nexus 8(TBA) by October this year and this would probably hit the market by November 2014.


Nexus 10.2  or Nexus 2014 is still a rumor and nothing can be actually said about it.. What we all can do is keep waiting and reading  for further updates!! Stay tuned


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