Moto E : The Next Moto Budget Phone Features| Rumors| Specification|Price and Release Date :Everything You Need To Know[UPDATE Launched]


Moto E : The Next  Moto Budget Phone Features| Rumors| Specification | Price and Release Date :Everything You Need To Know[UPDATE]


Last year Motorola launched a budget phone called the Moto G , who design and features where almost same as that of the Moto X which was actually an high end phone. Well this year Motorola is set to release another budget phone called the MOTO E ,which is expected to be the younger brother of the Moto G . It is expected that Motorola  Moto E would cost less than $200 is set to be another best buy in the android phone market . As per Motorola , they said they would always keep stock android as the base so that user don’t forget what the stock android feels like. Well this phone is expected to be the market crasher of the phone which are budgeted in that price range. Well still there  is no official confirmation about the phone ,but we are sure that this phone would launch in a couple of days.

We know all awesome were Moto G and Moto X ,here we will be talking about the Motorola Moto E.Well since there is no official confirmation about the phone , we will be telling you the rumors, features, specification , design , it estimated price and release date.

moto e
moto e

Motorola Moto E Rumors:

MOTO E HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED ON 13-05-2014 in INDIA  . The other rumors that have created a buzz are generally based on its specification, its features and its design .

Moto  E Design

Well it is expected that Moto E would have the same design as that of the Moto G , but would be smaller in size as compared to the Moto G . Its being rumored that screen size of Moto E would be around 4.2-4.3 inch where as the screen size of Moto G was 4.5inch. It is expected that it will have changeable back covers that would be having a wide variety of range .

Moto E Specification and features

Since  Moto E is expected to be younger brother of the Moto G it is expected that it would cut off some features that Moto G provided.

Moto E Screen

It is expected that the screen size is expected to be around 4.2 – 4.3 inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touch Screen protected by the corning Gorilla Glass 2 or 3 .

Moto E Processor

The processor that might be installed in it might be inferior and could be a Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor. Well this is done to bring down the price indeed.

Moto E RAM

Motorola might not compromise on the RAM for this phone and may provide 1GB RAM for the functionality of this phone.

Moto E Memory

Well the memory size would be less as compared to Moto G or Moto X. Even though Moto G came in two variants 8GB and 16GB (not expandable),it might be possible that Moto E comes with a 4GB memory or maximum it can go is 8GB , but there are also chances that it might provide a memory slot for memory expansion up 16-64GB.

 Moto E Camera

Moto E would probably have a primary camera 3-5MP with no Flash , and secondary camera of around 1-2 MP.

Moto E Battery

Moto E might have a battery of around 200mAh  well this might be enough to run the phone for as long as one day .

Moto E Features

Moto E would be running on the latest Android  i.e Android KitKat 4.4.2 and possibly will be upgradable to the next version of Android when it launches. Moto E would not be water resistant or dust resistant but the screen might be scratch resistant (Corning Gorilla Glass).

moto G
Moto G

Motorola Moto E Features

Well features are the most critical part of the phone when it comes out in market . This is the only thing that says whether it will do good business in market or not. Well here is a list of  specifications  that Moto E  has:

1.Low budget Android phone (main factor)

2. Trust of Motorola

3. Android KitKat 4.4.2 and upgradable

4.Primary camera of about 5MP

6.No Secondary Camera

7.Will support all major android apps

8.May have 1980mAh battery power .

9. May have 4internal memory and might be expandable upto 32GB.

10. It will have a RAM of 1GB .

11.Sceen Size of 4.3 inch .



Motorola Moto  E Specification

 Moto E has officially launched and the following is it’s specification:- 

Features Motorola Moto E
Connectivity 2G,3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Dimension: 124.8 x 64.8 x 12.3 mm
Weight 142g
CPU: Dual Core Processor of about 1.2 GHz,Cortex A7
Memory Internal:4GBExpandable : 32 GB
Display 4.2-4.3 inch ,IPS  LCD Capacitive Touch Screen ,protected by corning gorilla glass 3
Camera (primary) 5MP
Camera(Secondary) NO
Operating System Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Battery 1980mAh
Launch Date May 2014 
Price/Cost Rs.6,999/- or $120



Motorola Moto E Release date

Well  it is expected that Motorola Moto E has Released in the Q2 of the 2014(MAY)

Country                            Expected Release Date
Australia May 2014 
Nepal May 2014 
Russia May 2014 
Canada May 2014 
South Africa May 2014 
UK May 2014 
New Zealand May 2014 
Italy May 2014 
UAE May 2014 
Sri Lanka May 2014 
India May 2014 
Kenya May 2014 
China May 2014 
England May 2014 
Philippine May 2014 
USA May 2014 
Switzerland May 2014 
Pakistan May 2014 
Singapore May 2014 
 Germany May 2014 




Motorola Moto E Price

Well since is a budget phone it might be priced for$12o or Rs.6,999(INR).

Country Estimated Price
Australia $120
Nepal $120
Russia $120
Canada $120
South Africa $120
UK $120
New Zealand $120
Italy $120
UAE $120
Sri Lanka $120
India RS. 6,999
Kenya $120
China $120
England $120
Philippine $120
USA $120
Switzerland $120
Pakistan $120
Singapore $120
 Germany $120



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