LG V10:With Dual Front Camera.Second Screen


LG V10

LG unveiled the new V series phone named LG V10, after weeks of rumours and speculation. V10 smartphone will be released in Korea this month followed by markets of United States, China and other markets including Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The phone has some new things to offer. Let’s take a look.

LG V10’s Design

The phone features a 5.7 inch QHD(1440×2560 pixels) IPS Quantum Display. However the highlight of the phone is the Second Screen which is located as an inset display just above the main screen. It displays icons for enhanced multitasking such as music player, camera, gallery etc. The users can easily access other apps from the second screen without going to the main menu. It also works with the notifications.


LG V10 is protected by a Dura Guard frame to secure the display and protect the phone from drops and bumps. Infact, LG claims that the frame of the smartphone has been made of SAE grade 316L stainless steel used to make surgical tools and high-end watches.


LG V10’s Camera

One of the interesting features of the V10 is the 5 mega-pixel dual-front camera with two separate lenses that can capture standard 80-degree images or wide-angle images of up-to 120 degrees called “groufie camera” in the product adverstisement.

The video recording is also quite a feature on the V10 as it has a manual mode for the user to add those personal tweaks such as shutter speed, frame rate, ISO, white balance and focus while recording. Also, the phone gives three resolutions for recording that are- HD,FHD and UHD alongside two aspect ratios-16:9 standard or 21:9 cinematic.

One of the other video recording feature include Stead Record on the V10, which uses electronic image stabilization (EIS) for recording videos; Snap Video, in which users can combine videos without having to use a separate editor.

LG V10’s Performance

LG V10 has similar processor as the LG G4 which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. The RAM is 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM.

The main screen provides a pixel density of 513ppi which is quite impressive as even the iPhone 6S has 326ppi. The second screen is a 2.1 inch IPS Quantum Display with a screen resolution of 160×140 pixels.

LG V10’s Storage

V10 comes with 64GB of internal storage on board and supports upto 2TB of external storage via micro SD card. LG G Stylo is another phone with a 2TB memory support.

LG V10’s Battery

A 3000mAh Li-ion removable battery with Quickcharge 2.0 which gives 50% charge in 40 min.


Here is a quick link for the advertisement of LG V10-



LG V10 combines some unique features in the matter of camera and design. The phone gives a durable and classy look. The phone was dropped from a height of 48-inches and was declared to be “MIL-STD-810G transit Drop Compliant” for shock by an independent testing and certification firm MET Labs.

The phone is available in Space Black, Luxe White, Modern Beige, Ocean Blue, Opal Blue.

The phone has 3 mic for recording every tiny sound during video recording or just sound recording. The device is a great recording and photography device with professional tools.

LG V10’s second screen experiment makes much more sense than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s design. The S6 edge made it uncomfortable for the users to use, phone covers were difficult for the phone and there was always the fear of dropping the phone on the face of the edge. LG V10’s Second Screen makes it easier as it is right above the main screen, can be used to access other apps and also shows notification.


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