LG G5 Price and Release Date


LG G5 Price and Release Date

LG G5 Price and Release Date:LG, the name says it all i.e. Life’s Good. When the name comes into our mind, first thing that strikes us that what the LG will be bringing in the new release and what creativity it will be bringing so as to impress the users. The upcoming LG G5 is sure to keep up the trend. There has been numerous leaks that the LG G5 will be of totally new concept and will be the top- selling smartphones in the future. LG has shown a great potential that they can really provide us, what we want  and  more important what we expect from LG mobile phones. With the upcoming LG G5, we all expect that the LG will bring something out of the box and makes us surprise with the G5.

Despite the fact there is almost a year to go until the LG G5 official announcement , the expectations are already beginning to heat up. It is expected that the price of the phone in India will be around 57k INR ( Around less than  $1000 USD).The LG names tells the story of its phone, but what tells more is the creative innovations that LG brings in each smartphone and this makes LG smartphone is  different from the league of other smartphones.

It is expected that the LG G5 will be having huge changes in the overall concept  with other flagship releases  including the galaxy and iphone series.The most amazing feature that LG G5 is bringing is of sport wireless charging technology. If this technology get into the LG G5, the LG will head to the another league of smartphones and will be at the top of other companies. The display is estimated to be of 5.6 inch. There will be a primary  camera of 20 Megapixel so as the 3D camera and the rear camera of 5.1 megapixel. For security purpose, LG is bringing something out of the box i.e., retina scanner. LG G5 will be working on an octa-core processor.The phone will be available in 16, 32, 64GB internal memory and can be expandable to 128GB with optional external micro SD card .   The 3D technology for both the camera is expecting to take place in LG G5. The phone will be available in different colors i.e. white, black, blue, grey,etc.

We expect LG G5 to be released by May 2016 , but there is no official news at present for the same . Stay tuned for more information only on iPOS7.com 



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