In the era where we are all surrounded by newly arrived or yet to arrive smart phone technologies, there are a few firms which have been able to create their own mark. And LG is one of those companies which have climbed the ladder of smart technology producer just in the time of few years.

Lg G3
Lg G3

Like Apple,Samsung or any other high profile firm..LG has become on of them introducing a new smartphone every where which is better and unique in some or the other way than its previous gadgets. LG G series is one such well known series that is I’m demand world wide and always come out with something newer every time.

In today’s blog,we would be shedding light on to-be-launched model of LG- G5.

Like Samsung,LG also has the habit of maintaining its secrecy regarding the releases or any updates regarding its upcoming smart phones. There currently market is filled with rumors alone when it comes to LG G5.

Let’s know what it might offer you !!


Though we mentioned that markets are filled with its rumors but there is information regarding very few features. We will be able to cover those features alone.

1.LG G5 is going to be slimmer smart phone in LG phone series.In this time of fitness loving youth,phone is also probably designed accordingly.

  1. LG G5 is believed to come out with enhanced battery power. A smart phone is not smart enough if it doesn’t have good battery power and in Android phones good battery power is the most important thing.Not less than 4000 mAh would be acceptable.
  2. LG G5 is expected to come out with an ultra power saver mode which is found in all good smart phones these days. It is fixing up our great problem of disconnectivity while our phones get switched off. No doubt its a much needed feature of a smart phone.
  3. Wider display ! Isn’t it another very basic feature of a smart phone to have an expansion or widening of the display of a phone.We are expecting LG to improve its display length too.

5.The most important feature – Camera! Now you don’t need to spend your money on buying up good cameras to gather memories as LG G5 is expected to gift you a better improved camera than ever before.

  1. It is going to consist of water and dust proof technology.


As per its previous schedules,LG G series has an habit of launching smart phones in the middle of the year,due to which G4 is scheduled for that time in 2015.Therefore LG G5 is expected to be released in the month of December 2015.

Expected price range is – Rs.60,000 – 75,000 in Indian currency.

Sadly we are not left with any other tragectory to walk on accept waiting if we really want this phone but trust us waiting for it is going to give you a very worthy fruitous result.

Source: ilgg5.com

Till then just have patience and hold your excitement !

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