iPhone 6: Masterpiece of technology


The most recent generation of iPhone brought the huge profits for the Apple and it has broken all the records. Yes we are talking about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The new iPhone run the iOS 8. But the At this time, Apple again touched density to developers of third-party applications have been easier to adapt them for the new screen, saving most of raster graphics. On the desktop screen of iOS integration allowed to place another row of icons, but they are a bit horizontally parted.

iPhone 6

In principle, the sheer number of 326 PPI display-measuring 4.7inches is no amazing. Among the devices on Android in the course of the screen with a resolution of more than 400 and even 500 PPI, and for good reason. That way at a distance of 50 cm from the eye in the “iphone” did not notice the pixels. In this sense, the term Retina still justified. But is easy to see for themselves and others, people often delve into the contents of the screen with a close range in which the difference between the 326 and 400-500 PPI is quite a noticeable. The density of pixels on the iPhone is enough to ladders at the edges of icons and fonts are not evident, but it is, perhaps, no more than the minimum acceptable compared with superdense screens flagships of “Android”, which is packed with resolutions up to Full HD format 5 inches.

Apple has, of course, adapted to fit iPhone 6, and either display more content compared to the views of the previous generation iPhone screen, or have larger items (such as a calculator). Some of the third-party programs are also ready to increase the resolution. Stragglers program of iOS 8 simply scales up the screen resolution, the inevitable blurring of the image. At the same time scaled window program interface elements of the operating system: a status bar at the top and keyboard. Otherwise, the difference in the clarity rushed to the eye.

Scaling can be applied to the interface of all applications globally. In this mode the iPhone is just using graphics designed for the iPhone 5, stretching it to full screen. The function of questionable utility, but can someone like the idea to use the increased screen resolution to interface elements just become larger. The screen of the iPhone 5, there is one advantage that Apple was sorry to lose, judging by the fact that the iPhone 6 is built compensating function. Namely, the fact that the 4-inch matrix can easily wield a finger of the hand in which you hold the smartphone. Judging by how popular spades on “Android” this opportunity, most buyers are willing to sacrifice for the sake of readability, with a large screen. But there is a stable group of connoisseurs of compact vehicles, which are not pleased choice Apple.

Still with not a full HD display, iPhone proved to be verdict in the smartphone market and yes there is limitations in the new iOS 8 and the display, let’s hope everything would be recovered with the new iOS 9 update soon.


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