How to increase Efficiency of Android Smartphone


How to increase Efficiency of Android Smartphone

Technology has changed the world totally. Now we can stay connected to everyone all around the world by just a single device provided with internet. Technology has got advanced so much that we can do everything from our smart phone. To do so many tasks from smart phone, we should consider its efficiency as well.

Increasing Efficiency of Android Smartphone
Increasing Efficiency of Android Smartphone

As the smart phone gets older its efficiency goes on decreasing. This lead to slow working of smart phone getting hang again and again. To maintain its efficiency or to increase the efficiency of the smart phone you have to perform some tasks.

Uninstall Updates
Uninstall Updates

Steps to Increase Efficiency of  Android Smartphone:

  • Assess the speed: Before taking appropriate steps to increase the efficiency of your device; it is important to learn how your phone is doing in terms of speed management. With the help of an application called “Telephone Speed Tester”, the user can get a fair idea of your device’s speed management, in comparison to others by evaluating the test results. This application is specifically designed for Android Smart-Phones. If the score of your device gets  below-average; you need to take adequate steps to improve the efficiency of your device.
  • Manage show list: Once you have determined your device’s managing status, it is important to manage your show list. This is important because, Android OS auto-loads some applications and techniques; which affects the speed of the device. You can use “Startup manager” to clean up the boot list and increase the boot velocity. With the help of “Startup manager”; you can disable unwanted applications from the device with a simple click.
  • Get a first-rate Task Manager: If utilizing the Startup manager and clearing the unwanted applications does not improve the speed of the device; then the only possible reason can be, that the unwanted applications are running in the background. This will slow down your device. The only possible solution for this is; to get a good Task Manager. It will help you to disable applications which are running in the background. It will also enable you to:
  • End services and processes to free the space in memory
  • Speed up the device
  • Save the battery pack
  • Uninstall unwanted applications: Memory plays a very important role in the device. Too many applications can have an adverse effect on the device. It will definitely slow down the device. To combat such a situation; it is recommended to uninstall unwanted applications. You can do this by following the steps given below:
  • Go to Menu.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Select “Programs”.
  • You will get an option “Manage Programs”.
  • Click on it and uninstall the applications which are unwanted.
Uninstalling Application.
Uninstalling Application.

But it is very tedious to uninstall each application one at a time. Therefore use “App Uninstaller”. With the help of this application, you can have a back up of the application before deciding to uninstall it. Hence it provides an easy option to re-install the application thereby; eliminating the probability of searching for the application in the device.

The user can easily increase the efficiency of the smart phone by proper using of memory. Hence not wasting memory.



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