How to hide message and call history from specific number


How to hide message and call history from specific number

How many times have you given your device to someone else in order to show them a picture, website or something completely unrelated to your daily lives?  For doing that, often we need to delete the call logs off our smartphones, and the SMS archive too. In case you want to keep your personal information hidden from a third person, you have to delete all traces of a particular contact number, from the call logs SMS threads and many more.

Locking the folder
Locking the folder

While giving your device to someone, there may be a fear in you that a third person doesn’t see your personal messages and contacts. How about automatically preventing a particular number from recording call logs or SMS threads on your device? That’s absolute right, for this you have to add Reflection application in your smartphone.

What is Reflection?

Reflection is a simple app that hides your call history on a per-number origin. Add a number, then dictate if you want to hide both incoming and outgoing call history from the designated contact. Reflection is a very helpful application that lets you save your personal data from third person automatically, so that you doesn’t have a fear while giving your device to someone else.

Steps to hide message and call history from specific number

Step 1-> First of all, you will need to download the .apk file for Reflection 5.0 from google play store. Once you download it in your device and connect your device to your system using the Data Cable.

Step 2-> Make sure you have selected USB Mass Storage option on your device.

Step 3-> Transfer the .apk file from your system to your Android phone and tap on it on your phone to install it.

Step 4-> Once it gets install, tap it to launch it.

Step 5->  When you open the application then enter a security password for the app so that nobody else can make any changes to its settings.

Enter a password for opening the application.
Enter a password for opening the application.

Step 6-> After entering the password, you will see + button on the top left corner of the screen. Tap on the + button on the top left corner of the screen to add a particular number. Select options below the number input field like hide incoming call history, hide SMS log, hide outgoing call history etc.

Tap + button
Tap + button

It’s done now. Now that particular number will be hidden from the device’s call log or SMS log instantly.


If you do not wish to share the calls and texts from specific people with anyone who borrows your device, you can use the above method to hide such things. You will be the only one who has access to this hidden information.



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