How to get Google Analytics Certified


How to get Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is now the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. Google Analytics is widely used to track different traffic details of a particular website.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

It is the most important tool for detecting the traffic detail and to plan your work accordingly by getting full information regarding the traffic i.e., from where the users are coming more and from where the users are less.

How to Prepare for Google Analytics Exam:

For cracking Google Analytics exam user has to  review all the material covered in the Analytics Academy Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform principle courses. There are a lot of books are available on the internet and many question paper as well. A user needs to review them thoroughly for clearing the exam. A person needs nearly 6 hours for preparing a Google Analytics Exam. For preparing thoroughly for the exam you have to study the Google Analytics in-depth. You should have full knowledge regarding it. For study material click on this study guide. By referring to this link, you will get all the desired knowledge for clearing the exam. 

Steps to appear for Google Analytics Certification:

Google Analytics Exam is an online exam. The exam is free of charge. You can appear anytime for this exam. This test comprises of 90 minutes in which 70 questions are there. To get google analytics certified, the user has to clear minimum 55 out of 70 questions correct. The user can pause the exam in between as well.

Step 1-> Visit the website

Step 2-> Click on I ‘m Agency.

Step 3->  Then Sign in with your gmail account.

Step 4-> After signing in, click on Analytics, you will see that Take Exam option will be there. Click on Take Exam button and your test will be starting.

After completing the exam successfully and if you get more than 80 percent than you will get the certificate by Google on your mail within next 48 hours.




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