How to Change Default Apps in Android Smartphone

There are various number of applications that are already installed in an Android smart phone. Android smart phone consists of many new default apps. You have noticed when opening up any file on your Android device(music, PDF, doc, URL links) you get a choice of apps to handle it. You can choose to assign certain file types to certain apps, just as you do on a Windows computer. So we set a default of every file to avoid every time pop-up, But if we want to change to default now then how can we do it.


Application Manager
Application Manager

Changing Default Apps in Android

If we see there is an another app better suited for the job of opening photos, slide shows, audio tracks or any other text documents. There are many other better apps than the predefined default apps. Follow the instructions below to reset the default app and get the chooser dialog up again.

Application Setting
Application Setting

Steps to Change the Default Apps in Android

First of all, basic thing that need is to identify the app that’s currently set as the default:

Open up a file of the type you want to change the association for a video from gallery perhaps — to find what the app is, if you’re not sure. Then go to Settings on your device and tap on Apps.

Find the app in all apps, go into its details page, then click on the Clear Defaults button. This will clear all the default file types associated with the app in one go — at the moment there’s no way of picking and choosing individual ones from within the Android OS.

You should open up the same file type again, but this time you’ll see the app chooser dialog on-screen, asking you to choose a new app (as long as an alternative is installed). Choose the Always option from the pop-up if you don’t want to have to make the same choice each time. Then that app will be set as default from now on.


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