Google planning to build its own smartphone??


Google planning to build its own smartphone??

There is news spreading in the tech universe that Google is planning to build its own smartphones. According to the sources, there is an internal discussion happening in the company regarding this topic, however no definitive word has come out as of now. This means that Google might be going the Apple way for its future smartphones. Starting from controlling the whole process, designing the chipset, deciding on the looks of the handset, to the development of the software, all would be under Google only.

One might get confused and wonder how all this would be different from Google’s Nexus series. Basically, with the Nexus line, Google collaborates with one or more close partners to co-develop the product. Motolorola, LG and Huawei are the brands Google has partnered with till now. These companies help in manufacturing the phones (with branding) as well as help in distributing them too. If Google goes ahead with this idea of building its own phone, then it would have to do it all without any help from these companies.

Huawei Nexus 6P
Google Nexus 6P

On the positive side, a phone designed from scratch by Google would help them push updates much more easily and have more control, well, over everything. The users might have a better Android experience. However it does seem to be an unnecessary step when they have Nexus series with them as it still gives control to Google and the rest of the labor is done by its partners.

Google has been working on improving some of its features such as camera capabilities, more added memory in the processors, adding new sensors and much like. It would be nice to see if Google is able to incorporate all of these features in its own smartphone. One can only wait for an official announcement by the company over this entire idea.


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