Get Your Device Reviewed By Us


Get Your Device Reviewed By Us


Hi All,

We hope that you are satisfied with our efforts to keep with the latest release of smartphone and operating system. Since we are not funded by any other organization or individual, we try and provide you with best possible information as soon as we have an access to it. Since we at present are only focusing on mobile devices and operating system, so we are not able to provide you a lot of other information.  The team at ( co-owned) has now decided to write in-depth review of the upcoming smartphones. As said earlier, since we are not funded, hence we will not be able to buy all the latest upcoming smartphone as it will affect our financial condition. Hence, we have decided to review only those smartphone which the Smartphone manufactures send to us directly so that we can review and inform them all about it.


Our AIM is pretty simple, provide information which you need and it will not be possible without your help and suggestion.

Get Your Device Reviewed By Us:

For the readers: We would like you guys to send us an email at or write a comment below, and state which smartphone you want to be review  and we will look into your request and will provide you an update on that as soon as possible.

For the companies: We are not that popular, but we can be and we have the caliber to do that. Even though our team is small, we are working day and night to make user experience better and better and we hope to you see your contribution on our website to.

How we plan to review the smartphone/gadget/device:

  • Company should approach to us stating to review a upcoming smartphone at After confirmation it should follow the step below :
  • Send us at least 1 device at the desired address
  • While reviewing we will do the following :
    • Review the gadget properly, it would take about two days or so.
    • We will not be biased in our review of any gadget. If it is good, it will be show good and if he review comes out to be bad, same will be shown.
  • We will inform the company about the review of the smartphone and would publish the post accordingly.

We will not charge any fee for reviewing the smartphone, as the company should bare all the expense to the smartphone they are sending and delivery charges.

For more information or suggestions you can reach out to us at We hope that those of you who are reading would help us to reach our AIM.



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