Galaxy Note 6


Galaxy Note 6: New Flagship of Samsung

Samsung doesn’t require any introduction so as its note series. Now the company is planning for “Galaxy Note 6”. Samsung is leading the phablet market from last couple of years. Note Series is the biggest hand behind the Samsung success. Note Series has become one of the most popular model of all time and the next concinement is of Galaxy Note 6. Samsung put emphasis on what the customers need and what they expect from Samsung. With the passage of time, Samsung has brought something new for the customers to keep a command over the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be having some latest features.

Galaxy Note 6 Specifications, Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 looks to introduce some amazing specification, features, and will prove to be one of the best-selling smartphones of the year. Rumours are that the phone will be release in the month of april 2016.  All the customers all around the world are eagerly waiting for Galaxy Note 6 to get release and can be available in stores for them to buy. There is tremendous craze among the customers for the Note Series. It will be working on the Snapdragon 840 chipset, paired with an 8GB RAM. The phone will be operating on the latest version of android in Note 6 i.e. android 6.0. Note 6 phone will be a light weight phone and will be the most sleek phone present by Samsung till now. Rumours are that the camera of Galaxy Note 6 could be the most powerful as 27megapixel in resolutions of rotator camera. This time Samsung is planning to give customers something different that they don’t expect from Samsung. For the first time, Samsung is giving the feature of rotating camera. This is something like a dream of customers that the Samsung is trying to fulfill.

The battery will be bigger than the other smartphones and will be most powerful than the other Note  Series phone. The battery will be of 6000mAh. Note 6 will be consisting of fingerprint scanner and a retina scanner or an iris eye scanner that will increase the security feature of the Note 6. The internal storage of the phone will be of 256GB, its like a small hard-disk,  attached in the phone. It is expected that the Samsung  will include in the Galaxy Note 6 its first 6K AMOLED display and 3D display..The display of the phone will be of 5.7 inch HD display. The phone will be available in two colours white and black. The price estimated of the Note 6 is 65000 rupees.

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