Fast & Furious Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S6


Fast & Furious Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S6

Today’s world is faster as compared to the imaginations made by people all over the globe, the technology has arrived at too far nowadays, so that even a single instance of rest may alter into the non catchable distance for the people. In fact, the same thing is true for the Smartphone device manufacturing companies, which is the highest increasing trend in the globe. An up to date example of this information is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been only illustrated to the world, as it has been recently launched in the market. This device came up with awesome and outstanding features, which users loved a lot.

But nowadays, there are too many rumors about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Mini, the next Smartphone devices of the Samsung Galaxy S series, next to S5. Users are thinking more about this device that it will include better and more improved features in it than S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

Display and design

The S5 was no exemption like other mobile devices by the Samsung, with plastic body. People; do not want to invest their huge money on buying the phone made up of plastic. It is imagined that the upcoming device will made up of metal with gleam and luster. There will be a presence of a sharp edged side with unmatchable looks and style. The display screen is imagined to come up with more than the 5.1’’ super AMOLED with 1080×1920 pixels screen resolution of S5. The S6 must go beyond it and should offer at least 5.3’’ YOUM with 1440×2560 pixel screen resolution with above 375 PPI densities.

Processor and Android

If you talk about the processor to include in the next device of the S series, users are moderately fed up with the recurring Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, however, these are the most excellent, but users are imagined to acquire something else in the upcoming device. Samsung is also attempting their path to plunk the above mentioned processor option with the lighting speed Exynos 8000 Hexa Core processor 4 GB RAM for the S6.

The KitKat 4.4.2 version of an Android OS will be an aged thing till the introduction times of the S6, hence the Samsung need to come up with at least 4.5 version of the Android or may attempt something else such as Ubuntu or Mozilla.

Internal memory and camera

The 16 megapixel High Dynamic Range or HDR mode rear camera along with some features such as faster autofocus, LED flash, outstanding low light, capturing and many others in S5 only won the hearts of million people all around the world. But this is a thing of previous times for the Galaxy S6 and if speculations require to be believed, the S6 will be at the sunrise of a new age of camera for mobile or Smartphone device with whooping 22 megapixels with 7 to 8K resolution, ultra fast pixel sensor and power, which might cover the 41 MP claim of the Nokia.

The S5 has made a niche for itself in the mobile market, even prior to its launch time and the next flagship of the S series in the eyes of the consumers before the statements.


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Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini


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