Cyanogen OS 12 : OTA now available for OnePlus One User


Cyanogen OS 12 : OTA now available for OnePlus One User


It has been confirmed by Carl Pie that OnePlus One will get the OTA(over the air ) update of Cyanogen OS 12 starting today . It will bring joy to the Oneplus users who have been waiting for the Android 5.0 for a couple of months now . Cyanogen OS 12 comes with Android 5.0 with some customized features. 

Cyanogen OS 12
Cyanogen OS 12

Now the OnePlus One users will have option to choose from to Operating system , OxygenOS

 and the other CM OS 12.  Both the ROMS will give a tough competition to each other. Users you flashed their OnePlus with OxygenOS will not get and OTA update for Cyanogen OS12 and need to manually install it again ,if they wish to use it.

There is a good news for the Indian OnePlus users also , who were in delima that OnePlus One in India will not get any Cyanogen OS 12  will now be happy to know that “YES”, CM OS 12 will be available in India also as an OTA update.

Even though updates for Indian users after CM OS 12 are not guranteed , it would be better if Indian users might switch to OxygenOS in the near future if there are any bugs with Cyanogen OS 12 and they remain unanswered if no OTA update is provided for the same , it would be quire frustating for the Indian user. On the other hand , they will get regular updates of OxygenOS as OnePlus itself will be handling the same .

If you have received the CM OS 12 update do write a comment below how it feels like using it and you might get a chance to win some amazing goodies from us .

Stay tuned for more updates and the comparison of CM OS 12 and OxygenOS right  only on


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