Characteristics Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Characteristics Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Note 4 is known to be a king of the big screens. The Galaxy Note 3 is the best selling device over 6 months. Now this is time for the Galaxy Note 4 to break all the records and start focusing on the features, specifications and design of the Note 4.

It is predictable, if Samsung is just one thing. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy ranges are well identified among all other Android devices. It would be a mistake for the industry to dump the brand of Galaxy Note for the new mobiles, and it has lastly dumped roman numerals for its device names and almost variousĀ  devices are known as the Note 4.


Samsung maintains its flagship designs of the Smartphones a nearly guarded secret before the release. But without knowing the device, it is likely to guess that how it looks. The Galaxy 4 is an improved version of the Galaxy Note 3 and it is expected that the design of Galaxy S5 will be inspired from Note 4. It would be waterproof and this is likely to be changed when it is released. If there is a great demand, then Samsung can design two types of devices; one is without weather proofing and other is with.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4


As you know, the Galaxy Note 3 has a display of 5.7 inches and full HD screen, therefore it is possible that Galaxy Note 4 will consist of the bigger screen with more pixels than Galaxy Note 3. The expected size of the Note 4 is 5.9 inches. Samsung itself verified that Note 4 consists of screen of Full HD resolution, which will be appreciated by the users.


As the Galaxy Note 3 has proved the best selling device of this year by its strong and powerful performance, which are due to Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, which loped at 2.3Hz that was coupled with 3GB of RAM. Now in Note 4, Qualcomm has cracked the issues of the performances and it would be with the forthcoming Snapdragon 805.


Android KitKat version is used utilized in the Note 4. The version of Android can be 5.0 or 6.0.


The camera consists of sensors of 16 mega pixels ISOCELL on its flagship of mobile and Smartphones in 2014. The ISOCELL is a sensor that is capable of sending a higher quality image than a CMOS sensor as there is a less leakage of pixels, which gives proper clarity to the images.

Samsung is going to give the many surprises this year and upcoming Galaxy Note 4 would be the first of them.

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