BlackBerry Venice Smart Phone


BlackBerry Venice Smart Phone featuring Android OS

Just when we thought that the Blackberry boys were losing hope in the market run by Android and IOS smartphones ,BlackBerry has finally taken the first step to pull them back up by collaborating with the Android OS in there smartphones. The first attempt by Blackberry is named BlackBerry Venice.


BlackBerry Venice’s Design

Venice is rumoured to have a 5.4-inch Quad HD (2560x1440p) display with a Super AMOLED panel like the Galaxy series by Samsung which will put in competition with the established flagship phones.The edges are curved and the volume and power buttons are placed at the left edge,like most of the smartphones nowadays.

BlackBerry Design


The most eye-catching feature is the BlackBerry’s qwerty keyboard which slides down and gives you buttons to work on. We hope that there will be a touch keyboard as well for users who like to type with the touch keyboard.The sliding keyboard may provide more screen space and make typing more efficient.

The curved edge display look like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5.

The camera has the Saturn Ring Design accompanied by a Dual LED flash which seems to be losing the trend.

BlackBerry Slider



BlackBerry Venice’s Performance

The processor rumoured by various sites claim that it will feature a 1.8GHz Hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with 3GB RAM powerful enough to do multi-tasking and high-end gaming. Its necessary to have enough RAM to support a powerful processor like this one and 3 GB RAM will compliment it pretty well.Multiple apps can be run at a single time without lag.


BlackBerry Venice’s Camera

BlackBerry hasn’t been famous for its camera and image quality but Venice is here to change that.It comes with a 18 MP rear-facing camera with fast focus OIS(optical image stabilizer).The high pixel density and Super AMOLED screen will compliment the camera and produce nice and sharp images  with vibrant colors.

The front camera will be a 5MP for taking selfies at work.

BlackBerry Camera


BlackBerry Venice’s Software

Its not yet revealed which android version will BlackBerry Venice feature but we can assume that it can be the new Android Marshmallow. It will come with some pre-installed Blackberry apps like BBM, hub, calendor, tasks, notes, emails etc.

An android phone with the security of BlackBerry can definitely gain enough attention.

BlackBerry Software


BlackBerry Venice is rumored to be launched in November in USA.

The price is still not revealed but we can expect it to be in a high range according to the features and high focus on security features.

The BlackBerry Boys can rejoice as it comes with the BB10 services and they need not sacrifice it to android.


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