Best Travel Apps For The All New Samsung Galaxy S6


Best Travel Apps For The All New Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has become the talk of the town because of the thrilling features it is expected to come with. It is being said that the device will come equipped with an Exynos 5 Hexa core processing unit, which means that a better user experience will be offered whenever apps, such as travel apps are being accessed and used. With the following apps, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 could become an essential travel companion.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6


Frequent travelers who intend to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 should definitely look forward to installing TripIt. This app is ridiculously useful. Those who install this app will never have to collate their travel plans ever again. By accessing the Galaxy S6 user’s inbox, this app will be capable of automatically pulling flight information, hotels, train journeys, etc. from the inbox into the TripIt account. It will even automatically create trips as well as recognize matching dates as well organize them accordingly as more of that trip is booked.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is among those travel apps that come with a really focused purpose. As the name of this app suggests, the chance to book a hotel that a traveler can check into the same day is offered by it. Although a Samsung Galaxy S6 user may not get to choose from a hundreds of hotels, most of the selection that is offered up by this app includes deals on rooms that are available. Those in the U.S. will also able to integrate their Google Wallet account into this app.


Airports are known for being extremely busy, full of people rushing here and there, hot and noisy. Not all future Galaxy S6 users will be privileged and wealthy enough to be given access to business and first class lounges at an airport, in which case this app will come in handy. This app is like TripAdvisor for airport lounges, i.e. it sources reviews of airport lounges with images, making it easier to checkout that stylishly luxurious first class lounge prior to getting to the terminal.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6


If future Samsung Galaxy S6 users end up finding themselves in a strange town they need to get around, that is where Uber will come in. This app actually has a more global reach. In fact, Google Ventures is among the money backers of this app, which means that users will be able to call for and pay for a ride without having a hand over any cash or waiting in the street to hail a cab. Again, in the U.S., this app can be used in conjunction with Google Wallet.


No doubt, there are plenty of businessmen who also intend to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6, and those of them who travel for business purposes will find this app quite useful. For those on a business trip, this app will make it extremely easy to collate information like expense recipes and reports, which will eventually have to be submitted. For quite some time, Expensify has been the best travel-related app for business travelers, especially since it come with things like itinerary support, smart scan, etc.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 on its way and such useful travel apps already available, it is not long before apps for the simplest of tasks, such as finding out how to book theory test to get a driving license, will also be available for the S6.

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