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Hi Readers,

It has been more than 7 months since I wrote any article and this has been the longest break that I have ever taken from blogging.  Yes, I know you guys have missed out on a lot of update from our site on the latest and upcoming smartphones, but I ensure you I will make it up to you.

Why was I on a Break from Blogging?

Well honestly, I was bored with blogging and decided to focus on my career. Even though I knew that my current job S**Ks, I tried focusing on it so that I would be able to do my work in a better and more organized way. I am actually laughing while I am writing this post as I am still working on the same project and I literally hate it now (I am planning to switch, but nobody is calling for interview). This is where blogging comes to the rescue.


What I Was, What I Am?

Back in college days/ school, I used to love coding, actually, I was a good coder (trust me I had a girlfriend too). Even though there is no way of defining what is good or bad, I considered myself a good coder for the projects I had worked upon, “All thanks to Google on that “. I knew Java, C and C++ not the whole of it, but fairly enough that I could come up with an algorithm take some help by searching some website and code. In my final year project (2014), I was given a project to Study the Ecommerce Industry. I was pissed off with the type of project that was given to me, being a computer science engineering student, I expected some great project.  But then the director told me that coding can be done by anyone which in fact is true, you search Google and you will find almost each and every way to code. What is more important is the knowing what needs to be done so that you can proceed properly. Apparently, it has been 2 years now and I have not coded a single thing and do you know the Irony behind it!!  I still don’t know what needs to be done.

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What’s Next?

Even though I have no idea of what I need to do, I would probably take small steps at a time. Now, that I have started writing again, I would focus on my blogging (which I guess should be full time), teach people how to blog and go through some programming language.  This right now that is the plan but then I need to keep a backup too, so I am thinking of offer my SEO services to people (obviously I would charge for that, remember “when you are good at something never do it for free”).


I am planning to expand IPOS7’s domain from present to health care and would be hiring writers for it once I have fixed how I need to focus on that domain. Apart from that  I would also like you guys to contribute your life stories about how you feel in the company you work  ( I know everyone feels the same) so that I can publish it here and you will be able to show it to the world ( Yes, you will not be paid for it but provided a whole page dedicated to you) .

Please write back as I would love to hear from you guys as well.


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