Apple Watch to be launched in India on November 6


Apple Watch to be launched in India on November 6

Apple Watch will finally be available in India from November 6, 2015. It is expected to be launched at a starting price of Rs 36,999 however Apple is yet to declare the price. Apple Watch is coming to India after six months since its global launch.

In April, e-commerce website started taking pre-orders of the Apple Watch from the Indian customers at a starting price of Rs 36,999. usually gets the right price information of Apple products before they are launched. But one cannot be surprised to see if Apple pushed the price a bit lower to grab the market share for wearables in the country. In the US it was launched at a starting price of $349 which is approximately Rs 22,600 (for the base model).

There are a whooping 34 variants of the Apple Watch in total. While Apple hasn’t yet revealed which of these will be made available in India, it is expected that the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition will be included.

Apple Watch India
Apple Watch India

Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch will be available in two sizes – 38mm or 42mm from the top of the face to the bottom i.e. these sizes are not the diagonal of the display area; they refer to the height size of the cases. The resolution for the the larger 42mm version would be 390 x 312 pixels and for the smaller Apple Watch, the 38mm one, it would be 340 x 272 pixels. Also, reports suggest that the Apple Watch will run a totally new chip, which the company is calling the S1. Since wearables are all about sensors, Apple Watch has a gyroscope and accelerometer to track your movements. It has the Optical heart rate monitor stuck into the back of the watch and uses the infrared and standard LEDs to measure your capillary blood flow hence detecting your pulse. Talking about the storage capacity the Watch will have 8GB of storage with 2GB set aside for music. There are over 3,000 apps already, but this number could soon rise to 100,000. Apple has revealed that its native apps will be arriving on the Apple Watch with the launch of watchOS 2.

Apple Watch also has the feature of showing all phone notifications like SMS, email, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook. One can reply to their messages using several template responses. Another way to response is to dictate a message back which can either be sent as an audio file or transcribed by the watch. After a big software update, Siri will be available to reply to emails with smart replies, emojis and voice dictation.

Apple watch is the latest innovation from the company after four years. Everyone is hence quite excited to own one of these wearables. It has got a great response around the globe and hopefully it’ll be able to grab the attention of its Indian customers too.


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