Apple Watch (2015).Everything you need to know


Apple Watch

Apple Event held on September 9 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco turned out as expected with the launch of new Apple devices which will shape the future market and give competition to other brands. One of the standout product of the event was the Apple Watch Hermes Edition and the Apple Watch OS2. Let’s see some of the features highlighted at the event.

Apple Watch OS2

With the release of the new model of Apple Watch comes a new operating system which takes the apple watch to new heights of productivity. The new OS will cover upto 10,000 apps to fulfil every need of the customers and the apps can be managed through an iphone which is necessary to use the watch.


-New watch faces

Apple Watch will now have more live wallpapers and faces to suit the users need.

Watch OS2

3rd-party complications and Time Travel

3-party complications acts like a home-screen filled with widgets that are important to the user. For example-Date and Time, News, Important Reminders, Temperature , flight timings etc. The users can move forward in time and see future reminders by just rotating the Digital Crown. This feature is a quick method to check the future reminders, dates, temperature for the upcoming days.

Apple Watch OS2


The apple maps have been added to the Apple Watch with the Transit app which makes it easier to find public transportation and search routes.

Apple Watch Transit

Control Go-pro Camera

The Apple Watch can be connected to the Go-pro camera as a viewfinder and you can get the display of the camera in the watch making it more convenient to use the camera as you can see the image on your wrist.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is now on Apple Watch and messages can be dictated to the watch. You can send audio messages. Translate messages with the iTranslate app which translates what you speak in over 90 languages.


Dr Cameron Powell, co-founder of the AirStrip explained the app which provides health assistant. The app enables the user to get Lab Results, Vital signs and alerts from their respective hospitals all at once on the Apple Watch. The previous results can be views by just rotating the digital crown to previous date and can be compared to new results instantly.

The Apple Watch OS2 can display the heart-rate, bpm in real-time to the user and also give graphical representation of (say) the results from previous weeks.

With the AirStrip One, Doctors can monitor over 300 pregnant women at home and check their heart rate. The pregnant women can take NST(Non-Stress Test) to check their heart rate and also their babies heart rate separately right on hear wrist and can even hear the heart beat!

This result can be sent to the Doctor and he can confirm if the baby is doing fine or not.

AirStrip One will definitely define the standard of health-care apps and devices as it not just limited to weight loss and heart rate monitor, it provides better communication with the Doctors and provide a more interesting way to monitor and control their fitness regimes.

Apple Watch Design and New Models

Apple has collaborated with the company Hermes and produced two new models called Apple Watch Hermes Edition, Apple is all set to make new designs with Hermes. The new models available at the moment are Gold & Rose Gold finish and Anodised Aluminium finish available in 38mm and 42mm. The stainless steel collection a new black sport band for the space-black model. A new case for the stainless collection and some new colors for the bands were also introduced.

Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch Release Date

The Apple Watch was released with the event in 24 countries as mentioned in the image below and the Apple Watch OS2 will be releasing on September 16.

Apple Watch Countries

Apple Watch Price

There are three models of Apple Watch: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the 18k gold Apple Watch Edition. Prices range from £299 to £13,500 inc VAT.
The Standout Watch features include making and receiving calls, viewing emails and messages, and “taptic” notifications. Over 3500 Apple Watch apps are already available on the app store and as mentioned at the event,10,000 will be there for the Apple Watch soon.

Wireless Charging is also available in the new model which gives a 18-hour battery life.


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