Apple to Ditch Headphone Jack in Apple iPhone 7


Apple to Ditch Headphone Jack in Apple iPhone 7

As per the latest rumor Apple is all set to ditch headphone jack in Apple iPhone 7, which is  reportedly the successor of iPhone 6S .  Rumor suggests that Apple would not install the 3.5 mm Jack in the upcoming iPhone model and the headphones are expected to be connected via the lighting port.

We might have seen such combination in Samsung Star (2008/2009 model)in which the charging port and the headphone port were the same and was at least not liked be me. It makes things a bit more complicated than what it actually was, plus the difficulty of listening to songs while charging would not be possible.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 concept image

We guess this news is all rumors and Apple might not do that as iTunes is one of the major attraction for Apple and it would not like to lose its loyal customer base for just this reason . Apple was already criticised for just bringing in minor changes in the Apple iPhone 6S  due to which the sales/prebooking of iPhone 6S was also affected.

It is also being said that Apple would bring in a big design change ( we just hope this is not it) and is expected to bring in some new features. Since Windows Phone 10 OS was recently launched and looking at its feature to convert into a desktop, we think there might be something cooking in Apple INC about this. There are possibilities that Apple would launch iOS 10 which might have similar feature of Windows Phone 10 OS for converting into a desktop via a module and this time it would be iMac .

This would be a bigger leap if Apple is able to achieve it. As of now no such features has been confirmed and we need to wait till iPhone 7 is launched. In case, if iPhone 7 gets launched with such feature then be ready to shell out some more money for it.

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