Apple Pencil for iPad Pro


Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

Apple recently unveiled a brand new accessory for it’s all new iPad Pro and is called the ” Apple Pencil“. The Apple Pencil is specifically designed for Apple iPad Pro and has given users, graphic designers an advanced benefit on their work .

Yesterday Apple , asked few companies to demo of its new accessory  and how it can be used . Microsoft showcased how the Apple pencil can be used in Microsoft office products for Apple and Adobe showcased the magic of it in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe fix.

It is specifically designed for graphic based application and can be used along with fingers. The Pressure and the intensity of its touch ,recreates the same effect of what an actual pencil would have .

Apple Pencil is priced at  $99 and at present will only work with iPad Pro . No further instruction or details are given whether it will work with previous version of iPad  or not .

Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil in it’s live event.



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