Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors , Design, Features , Specification , Preorder , Price and Release Date: All You Need To Know


UPDATE: Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus have been released , we will be updating this post soon. Till then please read the comparison of Apple iPhone 7 vs the older version of iPhone series.

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The confusion was finally over when in September 2015  Apple announced iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, rather than Apple iPhone 7. Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone 6S got a mixed response from the flagship followers. The question then arises whether iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S are worth updating for? You will find the answer to this in our article: Apple iPhone 6S vs Apple iPhone 6 vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Since the rumors of Apple iPhone 7 have already started, we thought that we should bring to you all the latest information that we get about that phone. This post will cover all the latest rumors about iPhone 7 including the expected price , expected release date , expected features and specification.

This year we had heard many rumors about the upcoming iPhone , the majority of it was Apple iPhone 7 being  launched this year itself. But, this misconception was cleared when Apple finally revealed Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Considering the fact that the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is so little that user were in a dilemma, whether it would be wise to upgrade or not. If you are staying in US, there is a scheme from Apple INC. that would help you upgrade your Apple iPhone every year. This option could be used to buy iPhone 6S and then get another iPhone at a cheaper price. For more information on that please contact the nearest Apple retailer.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple iPhone 6S is an amazing smartphone , but this time it made user more curious about what could Apple bring it in their next iPhone series , also know as Apple iPhone 7( Still not confirmed).


Apple iPhone 7 Rumors:

As always iPhone’s rumors will always make its way to the top no matter if it is true or not . As of now Apple has not confirmed any news about Apple iPhone 7 nor the device itself. So whatever you hear , read or see are all based on rumors or designs of some artist. There are have been plenty for rumors about Apple iPhone 7.Please read the article below to find out more information on iPhone 7 , which will be continuously updated:

Apple iPhone 7 Design :

Since there was not much of a difference between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 when looks are to be compared. it is believed that Apple might bring in a major design change in its next iPhone 7.  Now the question arises what kind of changes would it bring. Well the answer is pretty simple , WE DON’T KNOW!

If we go by the rumors we will find that some will say that look would almost remain the same where as other are suggesting a big change in the look and feel of iPhone 7.  We think that Apple would bring in some major changes in the look as it was criticized this time. As per us ,the major changes would be thinner bezel, better ergonomics,a bit slimmer and change in the camera position.Some rumors suggest that Apple would be removing the home button completely and would enable on screen finger print sensor. Well this feature sounds cool but if we look at its viability, it just makes it tougher to believe.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7


Apple iPhone 7 Features :


Screen Size :

It is expected that Apple iPhone 7 would have a screen size of 5.0 -5.3 inch screen . The screen might be made of sapphire glass that is much better than that of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Since Corning has recently launched Gorilla Glass 4, there are chances that we might be able to see it on iPhone 7 .


Since the competition is getting tougher and tougher, Apple might want to place in a 2-3GB RAM in it. Looking at the current scenario it 3 GB might be possible.


Apple iPhone 7 might have an A10 processor if it is launched in 2016 . Since the date of launch is not confirmed , this would be very hard to predict .


Camera :

Since Samsung and Sony flagship smartphones have better camera , Apple might make an effort to make its camera far more amazing . It is expected that Apple iPhone 7 might have a 10-13 MP primary camera with dual LED flash and a 3MP.

 Operating System

Well every year Apple launches a new mobile Operating system , so same is expected this year too. It may come out with iOS 10 .


What will make iPhone 7 different from iPhone 6S?

As we all know that every year when iPhone is lauched we see some hardware upgrade in the successor, iPhone 7 shall be no different.  We are at least expecting some upgraded specification from what iPhoen 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have. Here are the list of features that we are expecting  would make iPhone 7 better than the previous one:

  • An upgraded fingerprint sensor which might be located on the screen rather than the “Home” button.Most probably a complete removal of home button.
  • Slimmest bezel size ever
  • A change in body design
  • Upgraded Camera
  • Upgraded battery

The things that would most probably make iPhone 7 a must buy are the following:

  • Since there is a trend of VR headset,it is expected that Apple might soon create its own and that might be compatible with the Apple iPhone.
  • Advance 3D touch feature: the 3D touch feature is expected to be improved with iPhone 7.
  • This feature might be imaginary but since Microsoft was able to do that I guess even Apple might be able to do it: The feature of converting a phone into a full-fledged working desktop. There are chances( no surety ) that the iOS in Apple iPhone 7 might be able to convert it into a full-fledged iMAC. Even though you guys might be thinking that how could iOS get converted to iMAC, well that’s a different story. 

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications:

Since the specification are not official yet , we have thought of what Apple iPhone 7 might have in for you .

Features Apple iPhone 7
Connectivity 2G,3G,4G LTE,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Special: Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
Dimension: NA
Weight NA
CPU: Apple A10 chipset clocked at 3 GHz
Memory Internal: 32/64GBExpandable : 128 GB(expected)
Display 5.0-5.3 inch LED Backlit IPS display,Capacitive touch ,with approx 600ppi.It might be protected by Sapphire crystal glass, oleophobic coating.
Camera (primary) 12MP, autofocus , dual LED flash
Camera(Secondary) 3MP
Operating System Apple iOS 10 
Battery 3000mAh
Sensors Gyro, accelerometer, proximity, barometer, infrared, and gesture sensors.
Launch Date  August 2016 (expected )
Price/Cost US $1000+



Apple iPhone 7 Expected  Price :

Since the smartphone has not been confirmed , it would be pretty difficult to say what it might cost . But looking at the past scenario we think might cost you around $1000 +  USD (without contract ).



Apple iPhone 7  Expected Release Date/Launch Date :

There is no confirmed news of whether Apple iPhone 7 would ever launch or not , but if it does and if rumors are to be believed ,Apple iPhone 7 would probably get launched in 2016 . Nothing can be said at present . It is also rumored that Apple would also be launching a cheaper version of iPhone next  year . We can’t say how cheap it might be but we are sure that it might create a buzz in the mid range smartphone section .



With Android devices increasing proportionally , Apple would make ever effort to make sure that iOS gets popular along with iPhone 7.