Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date Revealed


Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date Revealed

There is a good news for all of you, Apple iPhone 7 might be launched on September 7th 2016! Apparently , Apple has scheduled their Keynote event on 7th September 2016 and has started inviting people. We all know what happens in Apple’s KeyNote event: a new iPhone , iWatch and lots of other stuff.

Apple Invite: Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date
Apple Invite: Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date

Even though the name is not confirmed by Apple , we probably think that it will be named iPhone 7 only as the launch date is also on 7th . It is also expected that Apple will also launch two other variants of iPhone 7 , namely , iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus.  All this news be based on expectation and not yet confirmed but a new smartphone is for sure to launch.

Please don’t be surprised if Apple renames it’s Apple iPhone 7 to something else or just remove the number. I would personally like if number is not associated with an iPhone but then Apple doesn’t work on one’s opinion.

We had seen the launch of iPhone 6S and we were disappointed  with  it as Apple only new feature to the previous gen iPhone 6 was 3D touch . We hope to see many more changes in the Apple iPhone 7 . Few changes that were rumored are : no 3.5 mm headphone jack, slimmer version , better battery , and to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 an iris scanner for improved security .

We would surely not blame Apple if they don’t introduce iris scanner in iPhone 7 and they were first to introduce fingerprint scanner in a smartphone. Apparently , we won’t we surprised either if they introduce something better than iris scanner.

Apple iPhone 7 Launch and Preorder

Apple iPhone 7 would be up for preorder by 9th September in US and will be available in stores by 16th September. It will be available in other countries by October second week .

In case you are still wondering whether to go for iPhone 7 or not,  stay tuned for more information on . We will make sure to put up a comparison on the features and make sure to provide a detailed analysis whether to go for it or not.



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