Apple iPhone 6s or 7 with 3D Touch Display


Apple iPhone 6s or 7 with 3D Touch Display

The whole world is anxiously waiting for September 9 as on this day the curtains will be off from the latest version of Apple what the company will be launching tomorrow. Web is full of rumours that the Apple will be launching iPhone 6s and some websites are claiming for iPhone 7. The big launch is held in California on 9 September at 6.30 PM.

Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 6s

Apple has a history that it brings something unpredictable on its launch date for the new product. No body is sure what company launches tomorrow all over the world. The company does not disclose a single clue regarding its new flagship, this makes the user more excited for the events .

Apple iPhone 6s or 7 with High Resolution

Latest rumours that are hitting the web on the eve of  Apple iPhone 6s or  Apple iPhone 7 is that the new iPhone will be having a very high-resolution display than its previous iPhone models. Sources reports  claim originating in China that the smaller of the two new iPhones will have a resolution of 1125 by 2000 pixels, or 488 pixels per inch. Thats a massive increase from the previous models of iPhone.

From last few weeks, the web is full of rumours for iPhone 6s or for iPhone 7 that the screen is also likely to include force touch, the pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology that already has been used in Apple Watch.

Sources claims that the new model will be able to detect “a tap, a press, and a deeper press” – leading Apple to describe the new touchscreen as a 3D Touch Display. While introducing Force touch in the new model, the company has to compromise with the size of the iPhone as because of Force touch the phone will be thicker and broader than the previous iPhone.

Tomorrow everything will be cleared what Apple brings in the new version of iPhone. There is a lot of craze for new iPhone and what it brings to the table to attract more customers for buying  a new version.


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